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We care about your safety and security, that’s why thoroughly analyze, select and structure the necessary data. We work with such important features as domain age, country of origin, approvals that a drugstore gets from regulatory bodies, customer support, payments, deliveries, testimonials, and after all make a conclusion whether the drugstore is trustable or not.

In our work, we turn to many reliable resources like LegitScript, ScamAdviser, and PharmacyChecker which give us a broader perspective on one of the drugstores operating.

Our team consists of skillful developers and a specialist with diverse professional experience. The deep experience and passion of our employees help us in our work.

Let us introduce our content manager Fred Mitchell who fills the site with pharmacy reviews and blog articles and answers to your comments. He uses simplified and straightforward language for you to catch the main point and draw own conclusions. Fred takes his job very seriously and never imposes his opinion on you, just gives understandable reasons why you should use a pharmacy’s services or stay away from it.

We hope that you enjoy navigating our website and find its content useful. Your feedback with ideas, suggestions, and critiques is welcomed and appreciated. To reach us, simply fill in the form here: https://rxadviser.net/get-involved/.