What You Should Know About Coronavirus

According to the U.S. News & World Report, “there are 12 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States.” Many fear that the virus will continue to spread to thousands of residents. When a virus is unleashed among humanity, the potential for a mass number of fatalities becomes a threat Today, the coronavirus has many people frightened and thousands of others around the world are being quarantined for weeks in their home or a medical facility. The following article discusses the coronavirus outbreak and if there are any available treatment options.

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Is It Possible To Get Medication Without Prescription?


According to the Food And Drug Administration (FDA), “a drug must be made available without a prescription if they can be used safely and effectively according to the label.” In fact, all other drugs can be sold to patients over-the-counter (OTC). Many people get sick and don’t feel like making a trip to the doctor to get a prescription. For example, someone that wants to quit smoking once needed a prescription for the nicotine patch, but now it’s available to patients without a prescription if used responsibly.

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Valuable Treatment To Slow Men’s Hair Loss

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Many people believe that hair loss is simply, a “women’s issue.” When in fact, according to the Hair Society, “35 million men suffer from hair loss.” By the age of 35, two-thirds of all men will start to suffer from some form of hair loss and by the age of 60, it increases to 80% of all men. Hair loss is one of those things in life that men will have to contend with, but there are treatment options with or without the help of professional services. Learn more about men’s hair loss and treatment options by reading more details below.

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How To Organize Your Medication


Your medication is a very important part of your health and wellness. For some people, it’s taking vitamins and for others, prescription medication. However, taking a lot of medicine can get unorganized and leave you with the threat of taking the wrong medication or mixing medication that can prove to be dangerous. According to AARP, “nearly 1.3 million US residents are injured each year from taking the wrong medication.” In some cases, this can lead to life-threatening situations and others, death. Discover how you can avoid becoming a part of this statistic by using a few simple tips to organize your medication and why it’s important. 

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Discover Validity Of Rogue Pharmacies


Today, many people are looking for ways to save on expensive prescription drugs. More importantly, patients want to avoid those long drop-off and pick-up lines at a land-based pharmacy in their area. Online pharmacies quickly became popular, giving patients the opportunity to have medicine shipped directly to their door.

However, there are several prescription drug providers that miss the mark and put their customers’ health at risk. Rogue pharmacies are one of those such online pharmaceutical providers with a bad wrap. Discover the truth about Rogue pharmacies and how they continue to harm the prescription drug community.

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