Ways To Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s


Forgetting is something that happens to us at any age. It’s absolutely normal to forget. For instance, you reminded your child to take out the trash this morning, but by the time you get home, they say, “they simply forgot.” As an adult, how many times have you forgotten where you put your keys or your cellphone?There are lots of reasons why you may forget. A busy day at work can cause you to forget to pick up your husband’s dry cleaning or the t-bone steak he requested for dinner. Finding yourself forgetting every now and then is no cause for alarm.

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Iron Deficiency Anemia: Causes and Treatment


Feeling tired and weak is not always a sign of a health condition but feeling considerably tired and weak all the time could be your body giving you an indication that’s something wrong. It’s important to listen to our body because it will let us know when we need to take heed and talk to our doctor. Oftentimes, if you’re feeling persistently tired or weak or you’re experiencing shortness of breath it could be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. There are several forms of anemia, but this blog post will discuss the causes and treatment options for iron deficiency anemia.

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How Bacteria Affect Our Health

Today, many people are more concerned with the impact of contracting a virus or bacteria. The pandemic has had many people questioning and researching known bacteria more than ever before. Individuals are consulting with their doctor, turning to website publications, and seeking advice from local health agencies about bacteria infections in light of the recent pandemic. With the threat of being impacted by bacteria, there’s cause for concern. If you’ve been affected by bacteria, treatment options can be time-consuming and costly. Keep reading more details below to learn about how bacteria can affect your health.

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