Treatment and Prevention of Allergies

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With spring on the horizon, many people will suffer from allergies. In fact, according to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, “50 million American’s suffer from various allergies each year.” Allergies are the 6th leading cause of illness in the United States. Whether it’s outdoor environmental hazards, poor indoor air quality, or food allergies, more people are facing allergies and experiencing an allergic reaction. Allergies can be mild, moderate, or severe and some people aren’t even aware they’re experiencing symptoms. Keep reading more details below to learn more about allergies, how to treat them, and what medications can be used to prevent allergy symptoms.

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Brand-Name vs Generic Drugs


According to a GU Health Policy Institute study, “131 million Americans use prescription medication.” That’s approximately 66% of American adults. In fact, the same study shows, older adults are using the most prescription drugs for chronic conditions. With the cost of many brand medications, many people look for drug alternatives to save money.

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Side Effects Of Hormone Therapy

There are several unique hormones that are essential to different functions of the body. Simply put, hormones help regulate the body, its functions, and the brain. However, hormones are responsible for communicating two separate messages to the body to exert its functions. Many people understand the basics of hormones, but can’t answer the question; where do hormones come from? Keep reading more details to understand what hormones are, how they function, and the impact of hormone therapy.

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How Age Increases Risk For Medication Side Effects


Many adults are taking care of themselves, living longer, and aging in place. In fact, many people are living longer than the past few decades ago. According to research statistics, “in the 1960s, the age of life expectancy was 53 while today, Americans are living to be between 79 and 83.” They’re exercising, eating better, enjoying leisure time, bonding with family, utilizing stress relievers, and taking the advice of their doctor.

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Risk Reduction Factors For Diabetes

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As of 2020, “34.2 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes.” The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that’s 10.5% of the US population. Diabetes is rare among children, but common among adults age 19 to 40 and very common among seniors. With the right treatment options, many people with diabetes can live a full life. There are a few things individuals can do to lower the risk of becoming a diabetic. The following post discusses diabetes and the risk factors in more detail below.

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