iUSHealthStore.com Reviews – Poorly Built Fraudulent Pharmacy

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iUSHealthStore.com is a drugstore platform that markets a large selection of medical products. Two different US-based phone numbers are listed at the very top of this e-commerce website. There was also a link to a live chat, which we tried to test but did not work at the time we were conducting our research. In this article, we are going to provide a detailed overview that will also address whether this e-pharmacy is actually safe to use. 

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Verupharma.com Reviews – Publicly Traded Pharmaceutical Company

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Verupharma.com is a pharmaceutical company whose main area of expertise is the development of drugs for prostate and breast cancer. The reason for this is that prostate is the most common cancer found in males while breast cancer is the most common form that develops in females. There are four different phone numbers listed on this e-pharmacy, each for different types of inquiries such as general inquiries and product inquiries. In this article, we will be delving into this large pharmaceutical organization and establishing whether it is legit and safe to work with.

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