Advantages and Disadvantages Of Online Pharmacies

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As social distancing restrictions ease up, many people are still taking precautions. Individuals are still engaging in “contactless” delivery options. In fact, a recent Gallup poll shows 72% of U.S. adults will still avoid public places. What does this mean for online pharmacies? It’s important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of filling your prescription online. With many people turning to online shopping, 2020 online pharmacy reviews can help residents safely and cautiously choose a resource to get their medicine online. Keep reading more details to learn the advantages and disadvantages of online pharmacies and how online pharmacy reviews can help you make an informed decision.

What Is An Online Pharmacy

An online pharmacy is also known as an internet pharmacy or a mail-order pharmacy and your prescription is delivered over a web portal or by mail. Your prescription medication regime is filled over the internet. If you safely purchase your medication from an online pharmacy, it can save time, money, and continue to be a reliable option for contactless delivery.


However, there are some internet pharmacies that are dangerously transferring medicine online. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns, “there are thousands of online pharmacies that are unscrupulously offering deeply discounted medicine without a prescription.” Unfortunately, this is one of the most dangerous elements of buying medicine from an online pharmacy.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Prescription Online

  • Convenient. Shopping online for your prescription medicine gives individuals the advantage of filling their prescriptions from a PC, tablet, or mobile device. You can also talk with a representative over the phone for additional help with your order. Patients never have to leave home to get their prescriptions filled. Purchasing medication online is a significant way to avoid traveling which saves money on gas and eliminates a lengthy commute for residents in rural areas. An online pharmacy provides the advantage of also making your medicine more accessible.
  • Discreet. If you’re worried about filling your prescription face-to-face, an online pharmacy allows individuals to get their medicine delivered discreetly to their door. Weight loss, STD, fertility, or erectile dysfunction products can be potentially embarrassing and warrant discreet delivery. Avoid huge crowds at your local pharmacy by filling your prescription online. With the recent health scare, more people are avoiding crowds and long lines that force them to wait.
  • 1-on-1 Consultation. Visiting a local pharmacy can leave very little opportunity to talk to your pharmacists about the benefits or use of specific medicine. An online pharmacy will have a detailed history of your medication and can discuss the use, risks, or benefits of using specific medication(s). Discuss your use of medicine with a licensed or certified medicine specialist by contacting an online pharmacy customer service support agent. Knowing how your medication works, how to take it properly, or the effects of interaction with other medication is an advantage to your health and safety.
  • Save Money. Many online pharmacies offer discounts as a promotional offer to encourage customers to shop on the internet. With a promotional code, consumers can save an average of up to 30% using online pharmacy services. However, Carmen Catizone, executive director of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), “warns consumers to be wary of prices that seem too good to be true.” If you want to safely save money by purchasing your medicine online, consider switching to a 90-day supply.
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What Are The Disadvantages Of Online Pharmacies

Unregulated International Pharmacies

Unfortunately, not all international pharmacies are regulated by federal laws. Many unaccredited international internet pharmacies sell counterfeit/fake medication which can jeopardize your health. It’s hard to challenge an international online pharmacy when they process the wrong or contaminated medicine creating a major disadvantage for consumers.

Inadequate Regulations

The FDA has issued a warning letter advising website pharmacy operators that they’re engaging in illegal activity by offering prescription drugs without FDA-required warning labels about the serious risks associated with prescription drugs. Buying prescription medicine without knowledge of the adverse side effects can be dangerous, or even deadly.


Potential For Online Scam

The growing popularity of online pharmacies also increases the threat of potentially being scammed. According to a Harvard University study, “scammers target people that buy prescriptions online.” To avoid the disadvantages of a potential scam, only purchase medicine from a licensed online pharmacy and pay close attention to recent credible reviews.

Remember, scammers are also after your personal information. Patients are warned against sharing sensitive personal or financial information over the internet.

Take a look at the short video clip below to learn more about the disadvantages of buying medicine from online pharmacies:

Why 2020 Online Pharmacy Reviews Are Important

2020 online pharmacy reviews help consumers avoid fraud and protect their health and safety. A review is an opportunity to see what other people are saying about their experience with an online pharmacy. Save painstaking time and the potential of taking a considerable financial loss by doing your homework (reading reviews) about a specific online pharmacy.

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More importantly, your health and safety are very important and 2020 online pharmacy reviews can help consumers avoid purchasing potentially hazardous medicine online.

Often times, fraudulent online pharmacies will offer unreliable paid reviews on their website. Verified reviews are very significant to consumers that purchase medication online. A verified review is an actual account of a consumer that has made a valid purchase or interacted with a specific online pharmacy. There are also dedicated online pharmacy review websites that only provide information concerning medicine purchases online. Organizations like the Better Business Bureau provide credible verified reviews on any affiliated online pharmacy.


There are reputable online pharmacies that are accredited, have the proper certification, follow federal guidelines, offer a licensed pharmacist, and have affordable prices. Customers that do their due diligence can find a safe online pharmacy to fill their prescription and protect their health and safety. It’s imperative that consumers learn more about a particular online pharmacy before sharing their personal or financial information or making a purchase.

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