How To Organize Your Medication


Your medication is a very important part of your health and wellness. For some people, it’s taking vitamins and for others, prescription medication. However, taking a lot of medicine can get unorganized and leave you with the threat of taking the wrong medication or mixing medication that can prove to be dangerous. According to AARP, “nearly 1.3 million US residents are injured each year from taking the wrong medication.” In some cases, this can lead to life-threatening situations and others, death. Discover how you can avoid becoming a part of this statistic by using a few simple tips to organize your medication and why it’s important. 

Why Is Organizing Your Pills Important 

Pill organization is one of the safest ways to make sure you’re always taking the right medication at the right time. In fact, many medications can look similar to one another and leave patients confused on which one to take according to their prescription. The wrong prescription medication can be fatal.

However, taking too much OTC medication can leave your with hives, skin irritation, nausea, or an upset stomach. What’s worse, is mixing prescription medication with an OTC medication that creates adverse side effects. 

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Safe pill organization will work for all of your medication. You can label and organize your meds in several different ways based on your needs. Traditionally, patients would use a pill organizer to separate their medication by the day. There are also other ways to safely organize your medication to ensure you’re taking the right one every time. A pill organizer is usually a plastic see through case that allows patients to organize their medication based on a specific day of the week. If you don’t want to use a pill organizer, here’s some other simple tips to help you safely sort out your prescription or OTC medication. 

How To Safely Organize Your Pills 

Create A Checklist 

One of the most important elements in sorting out your medication is by creating a checklist allowing you to assess what you’re taking. You can create a handwritten checklist that specifies what type of medication you’re taking, what it’s for, and how much of it to take.


Keeping your medication organized with a checklist can also be beneficial to your doctor or emergency medical professional in case of an emergency. However, you can also create a checklist on the notepad of your handheld device to conveniently have access your list at any time. 

Set A Schedule 

You can easily set a schedule that will help you organize what medication to take and when. There are quite a few free online web apps that will help you organize your medication and send a reminder when it’s time for you to take your meds. For example, if you want to take a specific medication in the morning, but take an OTC medicine that has counteracting side effects, you can set a schedule that will safely remind you not to mix a particular medication with OTC meds. Medisafe is free for both Android and iPhone users and provides a convenient way to set a schedule. 

Set An Alarm 

Setting an alarm is a safe way to organize and get an instant reminder when it’s time to take your medicine. Patients can set an alarm on the cellphone, alarm clock, or watch.

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Setting an alarm can help you organize your pills according to the time that you’re suppose to take each medication.

However, an alarm is also great for time release medication or medication that makes you drowsy or nauseated. By setting an alarm, you can set a time that’s convenient for you to safely take your medication and take it on time while preparing yourself for the symptoms. 

Keep Your Medication On Hand 

There’s nothing worse than having your medication unorganized. Keeping your medication in one place is a responsible way of keeping your medication organized and keeping it out of the wrong hands. For a senior, keeping your medication on hand is very important. In fact, it can be very important for older adults that are receiving care from a medical professional or a caretaker. Always store your medication according to the label and in one place that’s convenient for you. 

Take a look at the following video to learn more about why’s it important to safely organize your medication: 

“Keeping Track Of Your Medication” Peter Solberg, MD 

If you’re administering medication to a child, it’s very important to keep their medication organized. Giving a child the wrong dose or the improper medication can prove to be fatal or leave them very sick and in need of medical attention. Remember, a child depends on an adult to safely give them the proper medication when it’s time. 

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However, a pill organizer is still one of the safest and most convenient ways to organize your medication. You can find a pill organizer that holds medication for up to a month. The experts suggest; being organized in how you store your medication too.

In fact, it’s very inexpensive to safely organize your medication. In time, organizing your medication can be very beneficial. For example, taking specific medication can leave you drowsy and it’s easy to reach for the wrong medication, but organizing your medication will increase your chances of taking the right medication best suited your health needs. Plus, you have the benefits of taking your medication according to your doctor’s medical advice. 


If you’re not sure of the best way to organize your medication, you can always consult with your medical provider. A medical professional can recommend the safest way for you to store your medication to avoid any issues. You can also consult with your pharmacist for ways to organize your medication. A medical provider is best suited to discuss how to organize your medication. Don’t put your health at risk by not organizing your medication. There are also plenty of online resources that suggest simple tips on how to organize your medication. 

Get organized! Be smart about how you take your medicine!

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