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Reviews are important because they help customers with making purchasing decisions, but they also help a brand expand its reach. According to research, “84% of all consumers trust online reviews about a service or product as much as word-of-mouth from a friend.” Reviews can be very useful and located on the merchants business website or a separate webpage for consumer review. Many people aren’t aware of fake reviews and assume all reviews are legitimate. The following post discusses how to spot fake pharmacy reviews to save time, finances, and to protect your health.

What Fake Reviews are

Fake reviews are usually written online by people that have never used a particular product or service.

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Unfortunately, some people receive an incentive or are paid to write a review. If they are paid to write a review, it’s highly likely they will only say positive things about the product or service.

These types of reviews can be detrimental because someone is giving positive feedback on a product or service that can be potentially harmful. However, you can spot fake pharmacy reviews by using the following tips and suggestions listed below.

How Bad Fake Pharmacy Reviews

Your health is very important. Medication is used to preserve or protect the health of millions of children and adults worldwide. The Food and Drug Administration reported, “fake pharmacy reviews can compromise your personal and financial information including your health.” 


In fact, fake reviews online pharmacy reviews 2020 can result in consumers purchasing medication or filling a prescription with a fake pharmacy.

Many bogus online reviews are associated with a fake pharmacy, but some false reviews are meant to build the reputation of a pharmacy with poor standing. Fake positive reviews can also be used to coverup negative feedback from actual consumers.

How To Spot Fake Pharmacy Reviews

1. You Should Know How To Spot A Fake Review

Never assume that an online review is factual without doing more research. Always read more than one review before you make a purchasing decision. Look for proof that the reviewer is an actual customer or has filled a prescription with a particular pharmacy. With enough experience, you will be able to determine if an online review is real or fake.

2. Look For Generic Wording

Fake reviews often include generic names and profiles without an actual photo. False reviews usually include generic names like “John or Jane” Smith. To spot fake pharmacy reviews, look for very common names throughout the website. Most fake reviews are purchased in bulk and rarely will include a photo. The majority of bogus reviews are written commentary without a photo. More importantly, an authentic website will often times mention the authenticity of their reviews.

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3. Pay Attention To Timing

Has there been an uptick of pharmacy reviews at a particular time? If online reviews are purchased in bulk, they are placed on the website in bulk which is a red flag. Credible reviews will be spaced out over a period of time. Look for actual reviews by real people that are placed over a reasonable amount of time. Search for sporadic reviews over a short period of time to spot fake pharmacy reviews. However, the recent coronavirus pandemic may lead to more reviews in a shorter timeframe and should be given careful consideration.

4. Too Many Errors

A spelling error can cause someone to abandon your website and the same is true for reviews. Fake reviews will contain errors or misspellings that should never be ignored. One misspelling is no reason to completely abandon a review, but several errors are an indication that you are dealing with fake reviews. Broken English is a way to spot fake online reviews, but you should also look for wording that doesn’t truly express a valid opinion.


5. Repetitive Reviews

Fake reviews can be found on multiple websites with the same wording. If you spot the same profile on multiple review sites, it’s likely a fake review. Fake reviews will repeat the same information across a number of review websites. Again, search for reviews that express a logical opinion about a particular pharmacy. In fact, repetitive reviews may repeatedly acknowledge the unrealistic low prices associated with a particular online pharmacy which could potentially be a fake review.

6. Fake Profile

A fake profile is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake review. If you come across a questionable review, do research on the profile to determine the validity of the review. Examine the review website to learn more about a particular profile that could be contributing fake reviews.

How To Avoid Fake Reviews

  • Choose a reputable review website.There are many authentic review websites like Yelp that contain registered reviewers. To avoid fake reviews, look for a review website that has a proven reputation for being authentic. For example, look for a review website that has registered reviews about a specific online pharmacy and look for a seal of authenticity
  • Ask the pharmacy about their online reviews.A credible online pharmacy should be able to validate the authenticity of their reviews. Ask the pharmacy to direct you to their reviews and if they are from actual customers. Pay attention to reviews that are not listed directly on their website. Many reviews are placed directly on the website after a consumer has filled a prescription or purchased medicine.

Take a look at the short video clip below to learn more about the danger of fake online reviews:

Never jeopardize your health by using fake reviews to fill a prescription or purchase medicine from an online pharmacy. To spot fake pharmacy reviews, use the suggestions and tips listed above. Reviews can be very useful when you are choosing a pharmacy, but fake reviews can have a negative impact on your finances and health.

Consumers are encouraged to read online pharmacy reviews, but make sure they are authentic. Your next review can help you find a reputable medicine distributor or help you avoid a bad online pharmacy.

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