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Getting the verified internet pharmacy sites accreditation is really a complex process as the entire thing involves loads of rules and regulations to be followed meticulously. So, if you are a pharmacy owner who wants to register their online drugstore for verified internet drugstore sites accreditation, then you have landed on the right page. In internet pharmacy reviews 2019 article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the criteria for VIPPS accreditation. What’s more, even if you are a generic customer, then also this article will be quite apt for you!

Well, most of us nowadays have a common tendency to purchase the required prescription medications from an internet clinic without visiting the local pharmacy outlets.

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Of course, this process is easy, simple, and completely hassle-free. However, there are some worrying facts that you must be aware of. For example, as per our internet pharmacy reviews 2019, we have found many such platforms are not running a legitimate business. So, how you can be alerted against such fake and rogue internet drugstores? Well, one of the best ways to judge if a pharmacy is safe, secure, and legit can be possible if that pharmacy holds the verified internet drugstore sites accreditation. But, what’re the criteria for the accreditation? Well, please keep reading and know more about it in the following sections.

Know More about Verified Internet Pharmacy Sites Accreditation

In this section, you will understand the importance and significance of VIPPS accreditation. Kindly note, VIPPS was originally launched in the year of 1999. During that time, the internet world has witnessed an extremely severe problem i.e. many online drugstores were selling dangerous, low-quality, and fake medications. Such medications could be extremely harmful to anyone’s health. You may follow the video link to know more about medication safety for families.

Considering this issue, VIPPS accreditation program was launched where an online drugstore was given approval based on multiple factors and parameters.


Since the world of the internet is facing the same problem even now too (i.e. the alarming growth and evolvement of an increasing number of fraud online drugstores), the significance of accreditation still holds excellent value. In fact, it’s the key way to decide if an online pharmacy is safe and secure or it’s a scam and rogue. Now, without wasting time, get ready to reveal the primary criteria for the verified internet pharmacy sites accreditation.

Learn the Criteria & Standards for VIPPS Accreditation

Domain Constraint

This is the first and foremost criteria for obtaining VIPPS accreditation. The platform must have an active pharmacy domain in order to get the accreditation.

domain name

What’s more, the domain needs to be maintained adequately as per the VIPPS application process. If an online drugstore does not hold the pharmacy domain, it won’t be ever considered for the accreditation. Please check the image below in order to know the key qualifications to obtain a pharmacy domain.

Licensure and Policy Maintenance

A qualified VIPPS pharmacy must possess the licensure and policy maintenance process. For this purpose, the pharmacy needs to provide all the necessary information that proves that the platform is perfectly operating, ensuring all applicable jurisdictions. Also, the drugstore will need to provide all information regarding the affiliated websites. Plus, a qualified VIPPS drugstore must comply with the applicable rules, regulations, and statutes.


Prescription Requirement

This criterion restricts a qualified VIPPS pharmacy from prescribing or dispensing medications from an internet drugstore based on electronic, telephonic, and casual online medical consultations. There must be a pre-existing patient-prescriber relationship considering which the drugstore should accept the orders for their customers and dispense the medications accordingly.

Protection of Confidential Patient Information

There are four parameters in this particular criterion:

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  • The drugstore must maintain and enforce processes to ensure reasonable verification of the patient identity
  • The verification data should be maintained in an easily accessible format
  • The pharmacy should conduct a DUR or drug use review before dispensing any medications
  • The drugstore should assure patient confidentiality and protect patient identity at every cost

Ensuring Quality Care

Accredited VIPPS pharmacies should ensure proper, meaningful consultation to all patients and caregivers.

how to obtain a domain

In the cases of adverse drug reactions, the drugstores are liable to take both appropriate and immediate actions.

Storage and Shipment Related Requirements

In this criterion, the drugstores are always asked to assure safe, secure, discreet, and on-time delivery of the ordered medicines. Also, all the medications and health devices are expected to maintain in an environment with appropriate light, temperature, and humidity.

Compliance to Quality Improvement Programs

A qualified and accredited VIPPS pharmacy should comply with the quality assurance cum quality improvement program. Although these are the key criteria for obtaining accreditation. Plus, there are two more additional parameters that need to be followed. Correct, error-free, and up-to-date licensing and registration facilities and staff details should be available who will provide the online pharmacy services.



In the previous section, you have revealed all criteria for VIPPS accreditation. Since you are aware of these criteria, the pharmacy owners can now submit an application for the verified internet pharmacy sites accreditation process. Needless to mention, the process is quite tough and complex.

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