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Your health is a key factor in your total well-being. If you want good health, setting goals is a great preliminary step. It’s important to find food and exercise that contributes to your health if you want to improve your well-being and life expectancy with an all-natural approach. There are some illnesses bought on by natural occurrences like light and sound. A migraine headache is brought on by many common factors which are around us each day. Keep reading more details below to learn more about migraines, current facts, and your treatment options.

Severe Headaches? Could It Be Migraines?

The first thing to understand is a migraine is more than a headache, but is classified as a moderate or severe form of a headache. Typically, a common headache can be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) medication. A migraine has moderately severe symptoms that can enable an individual from completing everyday tasks and require professional treatment. Migraines attack receptors in the brain which contribute to the pain.


Migraines can be attributed to throbbing or pulsating pain in the head area. Oftentimes, the condition can have characteristics that will prelude you to your condition. If you suffer from migraines, you’re one of “15% of Americans who suffer from the disease,” according to pbs.org.

Did you know migraines mostly impact women? Research shows of all the diagnosed migraine sufferers among Americans, 47 million are women. Studies are consistently being performed to determine why the disease has a greater impact on one sex over another. However, men do suffer from migraines as well as children.

What’s most debilitating about the disease is the sensitivity of common things around us. For example, a particular type of lighting at work, home, or a restaurant can trigger your migraine symptoms. Understanding your triggers of the disease is a great way to prevent migraines.

sensitivity to light and sound

The following can trigger migraine symptoms:

  • sensitivity to light/sound
  • food
  • exercise
  • diet

Migraines typically last from a few hours to a few days. Once a person believes they’re experiencing migraine symptoms, it’s time to discuss your concerns with a medical professional.

Many people can manage their migraines with some lifestyle changes while others require professional help. A doctor is best qualified to diagnose and treat your unique case of the disease. Treatment may also include prescription medication. Talk to your doctor about treatment for your migraines.

What Can I Expect With Migraine Symptoms?

According to John Hopkins Medicine online, “fluctuations in the blood flow to the brain can cause migraines.” In fact, changes in your blood flow and blood vessels can contribute to the symptoms of the disease. Medication is required to combat this stage of the disease.

Triggers can occur that cause serotonin to narrow the blood vessels to thee brain. These are the most severe symptoms of migraines, but we mentioned the most common symptoms in a few paragraphs above.

Take a quick look at the short video clip below to learn more about the characteristics of migraines.

If you want to take an all natural approach to your diet, supplements are a good alternative. Many online pharmacy websites offer supplement information and details exclusively on migraines. They also have a pharmacist who can further answer your questions about migraines on most online pharmacy websites.

Don’t ignore your symptoms of the disease to avoid life-threatening effects. Migraines can also cause nausea, vomiting, and more. Something simple as flickering lights can contribute to symptoms of the disease. Are you suffering from migraines?

What Can I Do To Prevent Migraines?

To successfully prevent migraines, decide the type of approach you would like to take. If you want to take an all-natural approach, you may have to decrease strenuous exercise. You can also include more leafy vegetables in your diet like spinach and Swiss chard.


If you want to take a medically professional approach, a diagnosis and treatment options for the disease is your only option. There have been many breakthrough migraine medications developed in the past year. Talk to your doctor about medication treatment options that may be right for you.

What Are My Medication Options For Migraines?

According to the National Institute of Health, “NSAIDs are the most widely used medication for migraines.” Many patients are prescribed NSAIDs like Naproxen or Ibuprofen. These medicines can be found OTC, but the strongest dose comes in prescription medication form.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two OTC medications for the disease including Advil migraine and Excedrin migraine. You should always take your medicine as prescribed to avoid dangerous side effects. If you want to discuss the benefits of a particular medication, talk to your doctor for more details.

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Migraine medication is a great way to alleviate the symptoms of migraines right away. Some medications for the disease attempt to stop the symptoms before they occur. It might take trying more than one medication to find the one that works right for you. You’re invited to take charge of your migraines with the right meds today!

If you have migraines, is that loud concert really worth it? The disease can also be triggered by excitable brain cells that can be exacerbated by the loud music and lights at a concert. It’s important to adjust your life around your migraines to avoid further pain.

Migraines don’t have to mark the end of the world. A few lifestyle adjustments or the right medication can give you a life of normalcy. You could be doing exercises that are triggering your headaches or migraines. You can find treatment or medication options that can work for the symptoms of the disease from day one.

Don’t let a common headache fool you, big don’t ignore the warning signs of a migraine. Are you or a loved one suffering from migraines? Talk to your doctor about your unique treatment options. Minimize the symptoms of migraines with the right medication today!

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