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The internet is populated with a myriad fake and scam online pharmacies and is one of them. So we, driven by our need for safety for our readers, passion for care and more, facilitated by our experience, therefore, decided to look into the pharmacy’s operations to inform and educate our readers about how typical rogue pharmacies look like. This will help you avoid look-alike pharmacies to keep off unsafe drugs and generally, fraud. Here is our full review of the pharmacy.

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main page is a medical delivery service from the UK. Their objective is to inject convenience into the process of filling prescriptions. Based in Yorkshire, they serve both individuals and care homes. On top of their pharmaceutical business, they operate a clinic that provides additional healthcare services.

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main page promises to help its customers save a significant amount of money through buying generic drugs with it. The pharmacy specifies that its prices are 90% lower than those in typical brick and mortar stores around the globe, and significantly lower than in other online apothecaries. Besides, it claims to offer the best quality in terms of services and the nature of drugs, citing that the drugs it sells are quality approved by the concerned organizations. The pharmacy promises every good thing, but we dismiss all of them based on evidence. Read through our detailed review below to know more.

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main page represents a speculatively US-based website created to operate an online drugstore business. That’s not all. You need to know whether it’s worth spending some cash on, or not, don’t you? The truth is: it’s not worth and proves to be yet another rogue web-based apothecary! Our comprehensive review below demystifies this inference further.

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