24x7Pharma.com Reviews – Declared as Rogue

Online pharmacies are the way to go when you no longer want to resort to traditional modes of purchasing medication. 24x7pharma.com is a website that claims to claim medication at discounted rates. But are they legit or are they a scam? Read on to learn all you need to know about 24x7pharma.com.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2018-06-26
Main Details
Drugstore Name24x7 Pharma
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

By inspecting a website’s domain information, we can tell whether it is legitimate or a scam. However, when it comes to pharmaceutical websites, there are many more variables to consider, which will be discussed later. Before delving deeper, let’s look at the statistics from 24x7pharma.com.

registered in 2018

The domain 24x7pharma.com was registered with a private label on July 26th, 2018, indicating that they are newer than other well-established pharmacies that have been in operation for decades.

The most recent modification to 24x7pharma.com occurred on July 21st, 2022, demonstrating that the developers are still trying to improve their website.

24x7pharma.com is registered until July 26th, 2023, after which it will expire. 

During our analysis, we noticed that 24x7pharma.com is employing a third-party proxy to conceal its owner’s identity. This may have been done to safeguard them from possible scammers, but it could be interpreted as a red flag.

Business Profile

Having a good business profile is critical in confirming the identity of a corporation or business. We verified 24x7pharma.com to see if the website was a hoax or not. Unfortunately, their website lacks complete information, a mailing address, and a phone number, leading us to believe that they are most likely a scam.

low trust

Furthermore, scamadvisor.com gives 24x7pharma.com a trust score of 1 out of 100, indicating that the website is risky and may sell unsafe pharmaceuticals. Because of this pharmacy’s incredibly poor trust rating, you should consider twice before purchasing any prescription drugs from them.

Regulatory Approvals

24x7pharma.com is committed to providing its customers with safe and secure pharmaceuticals. However, neither Whois.com nor CIPA identifies its legal standing. As a result, it demonstrates that 24x7pharma.com is not governed by its state authorities or official medicine departments.

Furthermore, NABP does not display any record of this internet pharmacy, casting suspicion on its products and services. We ran a last check on Legitscript.com, which flagged 24x7pharma.com as a rogue online retailer that has not been approved by its local authorities.


24x7pharma.com is situated in India which is a high-risk country for scam websites therefore it is highly likely they are a scam.

Products and Pricing

Although 24x7pharma.com is a rogue and unsafe pharmacy, they claim to sell a variety of medications. You can purchase medication ranging from cold medicine to anti-cancer drugs. However, upon viewing their homepage, we observed that they have mostly listed men’s health medication. In addition to that, they are offering unbelievable discounts on different medicines.

drugs categories

It may seem like a deal too good to be true and it is most probably. Various scam websites use such tactics as a classic hook to scam consumers. So, you may want to think twice before you order from them.

Payments and Shipping

When it comes to ordering, they have a pretty straightforward and generic interface. First, you have to choose a product that will ultimately lead to the checkout option. They don’t offer free shipping like most other pharma stores. They charge a flat rate of $40 for shipping and delivery.

24x7pharma.com also offers multiple payment options, such as:

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Cryptocurrencies

24x7pharma.com however, doesn’t offer payments through credit or debit cards which is highly unusual.

24x7Pharma.com Reviews

We checked Trustpilot.com user reviews to confirm the legitimacy of 24x7pharma.com. Surprisingly, there were no reviews from past Trustpilot users, indicating that the website has an unclaimed profile and no review history. Customer reviews are a crucial part of any business, and having no reviews is worse than having mildly unfavorable ones because there is no way of knowing whether or not the business exists.

no comments


We reviewed 24x7pharma.com for you and we conclude that they are a scam and you should refrain from buying any medication from them. They have an extremely low scamadviser rating out of 100 along with no reviews on Trustpilot. It is a clear indication that they are a scam. In addition to that, they are not registered with either NABP or CIPA and LegitScript has declared them a rogue pharmacy.

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