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Online pharmacies have been the talk of the town lately. They bring ease and healthcare to your doorstep. But, not all pharmacies are legit and scams are more common than you think. So, how would you identify if an online pharmacy is legit or a scam? Leave that to us. In this article, we have reviewed and concluded whether they are legit or a scam. We conducted our reviews based on their domain details, business profiles, customer reviews, regulatory approvals, and the products they sell.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2022-11-30
Main Details
Drugstore NameOnline Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number+1-888-524-7141
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

Looking at a website’s domain information, which is a key aspect of assessing its legitimacy, we can tell whether it is legit or a scam. However, there are many more factors to consider when it comes to pharmaceutical websites, which will be mentioned later. Before we go any further, let’s look at the domain information. was registered with a private label on November 30th, 2022, indicating that they have been in business for a very short period and must still be figuring the business out.

registered in 2022

The most recent modification to’s domain registration occurred on October 9th, 2023, which could mean that the developers are still working on improving the website. is registered until November 30th, 2024, after which the website’s registration will expire. 

We also noticed that is using a paid proxy service to lowest . It may as well be done as a precautionary measure but it is most commonly considered a red flag.

Business Profile

To further check whether is a scam or legit, we ran the site on, and surprisingly, it showed a trust rating of 52 out of 100, which is quite acceptable for a new pharmacy. 


However, we cannot deem a website as a scam or legitimate solely based on ScamAdviser’s rating. Multiple factors are in play help that help in a fair review of an online pharmacy. 

Regulatory Approvals 

We ran the website on CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and we found out that is not registered with CIPA which seems like a red flag. In addition to that, we also ran them through NABP and they are not registered with NABP either.


To further confirm our suspicions, we ran on LegitScript and we realized that they were not in the database. Being out of daabase is not as bad as being a rogue pharmacy.

Products and Pricing claims to have all to meet your medical needs met. From weight loss, and general health, to all other gender-specific medications, you can easily find the best treatments that suit your body’s needs. 

Furthermore, claims to offer affordable care for every user and offers all the products at a reasonable rate. However, one of the red flags that we observed is that they have displayed a large selection of men’s health meds on their homepage. This is a classic tactic for luring victims in.


Moreover, we also noticed that the name of the website displayed on their homepage is entirely different from the one in their domain address which is a clear indication that is a scam pharmacy.

Payments and Shipping claims to provide complete client service. To facilitate the payment process, the online store provides its customers with a variety of payment methods. They accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard 

They only offer one method of shipping which is EMS or Trackable service. It costs $29.95 and it takes 3-8 business days to deliver your meds. Reviews 

We examined customer evaluations to check the legitimacy of Surprisingly, there was no past customer feedback on Trustpilot, indicating that the website has an unclaimed profile and no history of reviews. 

no comments

Customer reviews are an essential component of any business, and having no reviews is worse than having critical ones because there is no way of knowing if the business exists or not.


We conducted a detailed review of and concluded that they are a scam pharmacy and you should refrain from purchasing any products from them. Upon running them on Scamadviser, we found out that they have a rating of 52 out of. 100, which is quite acceptable. However, we cannot decide if a pharmacy is legit or a scam solely based on this rating. Therefore, we ran them on CIPA, NABP, and LegitScript. Unfortunately, is not registered with any of these regulatory authorities. 

Plus, we did not find any customer reviews on Trustpilot. All these findings point us in the direction that is not legit and you should stay away from them.

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