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common view is a Canadian pharmacy that offers discounted meds to its customers. They claim to be a leading pharmacy for generic pills. We review what they have to offer to find out if you should give them your consideration when looking for pills online.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2007-09-17
Main Details
Drugstore NameBlue Sky Drugs
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
OtherPharmacy Checker
Contact Info
Free Number+1-866-995-7387
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

Details of the registration of this domain name show us that the site name has been registered since 2007 and doesn’t need renewal until 2025. Both of these things are good indications of a more reliable and legit business.

registered in 2017

We have found that more dubious stores haven’t been around for long and normally only register domains for a single year at a time.

What isn’t as good to see is that the owner of this pharmacy has chosen to use a domain privacy service to keep their information out of the record. This is something which is normally associated with the sort of rip off store you should avoid, so not a good sign potentially.

Business Profile

This pharmacy does give us a business location for them in Canada. The address is in Surrey, British Columbia and is an address which is also seen on some other pharmacy stores. It is a real business location in Canada when we check on a map.

numbers and an address

Related Drugstores

There are some other online pharmacies that use the same business location as their mailing address. They also claim to use the same real Canadian pharmacy to dispense their products. We don’t know whether these pharmacy sites are owned by the same business, but it seems likely. These are some of the related stores:


Regulatory Approvals

There are some regulatory seals displayed on the home page for this pharmacy. This is commonly found with both legit stores and those which are ripping off their customers. It is only when you check that you can be sure that they are really registered with the associations that they claim.

an active member

There are seals for CIPA, Pharmacy Checker and IPABC. When we click on these seals we are taken to the association sites where we are able to confirm that they are actually registered as they claim and are allowed to display the seals.

a registered member

Despite this positive accreditation, Legit Script isn’t happy with what they found when looking at this pharmacy. They consider the site to be in violation of the law for the countries where they sell their products to. They have, therefore, given the pharmacy their lowest rating of a rogue business.


Medications on Sale

This store offers discounts on both the more well-known brand name pills as well as generic versions. The prices aren’t the cheapest found online though the discounts are likely more competitive than a brick and mortar pharmacy in the US.

men's related drugs

The drugs aren’t only dispensed from Canada, however, with fulfillment centers from a few other countries also used. This might come as a surprise to some potential customers, though they do tell you in advance where the pills are dispatched from.

This store does require a valid prescription to place an order with them for products that aren’t over the counter. This is good and indicates that they are operating in accordance with the generally accepted safety rules for online drugstores.

Payment and Shipping

This pharmacy is secure so that shopping on the site doesn’t allow your information to be stolen when you enter it. The payment options are rather restrictive, however, only accepting personal checks and international money orders.

This pharmacy charges a flat rate of $10 per order for shipping. It also doesn’t matter how many different products are within your order, the cost is the same. Shipping times are expected to be 4 to 8 business days when your order is coming from Canada and 14 to 18 days for international fulfillment. Reviews

There are a few sites with reviews featured on them. The handful of customer testimonials are rather mixed in the opinion they give. The most recent only gives them 4 out of 5, citing issues with the speed of delivery.

4-star comment

Other customer comments also raise the issue of delivery times being very slow. There is some very good feedback as well, though, and the overall rating is a 4 out of 5 on that particular site.


This is a pharmacy which seems to be doing most things right, though they aren’t without their problems. They have regulations and require prescriptions.

There are a few minor issues that will put some people off using them. These include limited payment options, not the best prices and slow delivery times. Safe, but not the best out there.

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