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details positions itself as a healthcare provider leveraging the global reputation of Canadian medicine to appeal to a worldwide customer base. This online pharmacy claims to offer a range of medical products, promising reliability and trustworthiness associated with Canadian healthcare standards. However, the critical question remains: Is a legitimate and safe platform for medical purchases, or does it fall into the scam category? This review aims to unravel the truth behind their services, ensuring potential customers can make informed decisions. Let’s delve into an in-depth analysis to uncover the reality of

Domain Details
Date of Registry2023-04-13
CountryUnited States
Main Details
Drugstore NameOnline Canadian Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number+1-214-272-0337
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

The domain details of reveal some concerning aspects. It was registered on 13-04-2023 and last updated on 18-06-2023, with an expiry date of 13-04-2024.

in business since 2023

However, what raises suspicion is the complete concealment of registrant information, organization details, street address, and the domain’s location. This lack of transparency regarding the domain’s ownership and origin raises questions about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of These hidden details do not inspire confidence and warrant further investigation into the website’s authenticity.

  • Domain registered on: 13-04-2023
  • Address provided: Not given
  • Phone number: No

Business Profile

The business profile of raises several red flags. While the website claims to be a Canadian pharmacy, it lacks any approval from CIPA, a notable Canadian pharmacy regulatory body. Additionally, the website design and the range of products offered bear a resemblance to typical scam online pharmacies that often focus on men’s and women’s health.


Furthermore, its TrustScore on is only 61/100, indicating potential concerns. The absence of customer reviews on further adds to the skepticism surrounding, making it a dubious choice for online medication purchases.

  • Organization name: No
  • Address provided: No
  • Phone number: +1 (214) 272 0337

Regulatory Approvals lacks recognition from reputable regulatory bodies. It is notably absent from the LegitScript database and does not hold accreditation from CIPA, an essential recognition for legitimate Canadian internet pharmacies.


The absence of CIPA accreditation raises concerns about the legality and legitimacy of as a Canadian medical entity. This lack of recognition from established regulatory authorities casts doubt on the trustworthiness of this online pharmacy.

Available Products and Pricing offers a range of both generic and branded medications. Generic pills, containing the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts, are available at more affordable prices. The pharmacy’s inventory includes a wide selection of commonly used drugs typically found in traditional pharmacies.

popular medicine

Notably, customers can place orders without the need for a prescription, although consulting a healthcare professional is advised to ensure safe usage. It’s important to note that the responsibility for any unforeseen health risks associated with self-medication lies with the customer, as stated by the website.

Payment and Shipping Methods primarily specializes in generic medications, which are cost-effective. Consequently, the prices offered on the website are budget-friendly.

The pharmacy offers two shipping options: Trackable Courier Service with a delivery time of nine days and Airmail Service with a 21-day delivery time. Shipping fees vary depending on the destination and order size. To maintain discretion, all drugs are packaged discreetly to conceal their contents. In the event of damaged or undelivered packages, the pharmacy offers either reshipment or a refund. Payments can be made securely using credit cards. Reviews

Customer reviews on present a concerning pattern. While the website displays a page with customer testimonials, a closer examination reveals that many of these reviews are dated months before the website’s creation, casting doubt on their authenticity.

no comments

Furthermore, the online pharmacy lacks independent customer reviews on platforms like, further raising suspicions about its credibility and trustworthiness.

Conclusion raises significant red flags that warrant caution. Its domain information lacks transparency, and it lacks crucial regulatory approvals from recognized bodies. While it offers a wide range of products at seemingly attractive prices, the authenticity and safety of these products still need to be investigated.

Additionally, the website’s customer reviews appear to be fabricated, adding to the skepticism surrounding its legitimacy. Potential customers are advised to exercise prudence and consider safer alternatives for their medication needs.

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