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common view is an online drugstore that claims to ship to customers in the United States, European Union, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Oceania, and Switzerland. This drugstore website services mainly male customers due to the nature of the medication that they sell. On the site, there is currently no phone number or email displayed to be contacted but instead, there is an inbuilt contact form that you can use to get in contact. We will be investigating this pharmaceutical website in this review and help you make up your mind if this is the right site for you.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2016-09-27
Main Details
Regulatory Approvals
Contact Info
Free Number
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Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

The domain was first registered on the 27th of September 2016 and last updated on the 12th of August 2019. As of right now, the domain is set to expire on the 27th of September 2023.

not a long lifespan

This does not match the information included on the drugstore website where it says that the site has been operating since the year 2011. Therefore you need to be more cautious when using this online pharmacy to shop.

Business Profile

No information is available about the owners of this pharmaceutical website due to the website being registered in the European Union and being protected under the GDPR privacy legislation. This information raises further red flags, as initially, this site claims to be based in the United States however it is trading in Europe.


On Scamadviser, this online drugstore has a trust score of 100% but this is most likely because this site does not get a high number of visitors and it is yet to be flagged for not operating legally.

Regulatory Approval

When we decided to check the databases on the websites of government-approved pharmaceutical regulatory bodies such as CIPA, MIPA and the CPA we were not able to find any evidence of this online pharmacy being an approved member which means that they are operating outside of the law.


On LegitScript, this online drugstore is rated as rogue as it does not meet the verification requirements laid out by Legit Scrips as well as the government.

Products and Pricing

This pharmaceutical e-commerce store claims to ship its products worldwide which is a statement that should immediately make you cautious as there no way that is possible as not every country approves every drug available for sale on this site also the costs of shipping worldwide will range from region to region while on this site they don’t

Best Features on This Platform

Right now on this online drugstore, there is a special offer being promoted where you can get a pack of 200 pills for just $0,89 after you have spent at least $99 in a special packaged offer.

  • Full refunds, this online pharmacy promises you full refunds on any of your orders if they do not deliver for whatever reason.
  • Free Samples, in the first 36 hours of visiting this website you will be offered a free sample of pill-based medication that you can try out and see if it works for you.
  • Account, you are also able to create an account on this site so you can register for automatic reorders and track all the orders that you have made on this online pharmacy.
  • Price Promise, furthermore this pharmacy promises to be the cheapest place to buy a variety of products. However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt and you need to ask yourself how a legitimate small online pharmacy can turn a profit by offering such big discounts.
  • Mobile App, additionally the online pharmacy has been programmed to adapt to all small-screen devices such as phones and tablets allowing you to order products from anywhere that you might be.
google approves

Payment and Shipping

You are able to pay on this pharmacy e-commerce store using your credit card as well as using Bitcoin which is heavily promoted hear by massive 35% discounts of your total order if you send it through Bitcoin. This is an instant red flag, you should never send any payments through bitcoin when buying something as there is no way for you to initiate a refund.


As for shipping, there is the Standard shipping option that costs $29 and takes between 10 to 18 days to be delivered but you can get this shipping option for free if you spend over $80 in one order. The other shipping option is the Express which costs £39 and takes between 7 to 10 days to be fulfilled but it is also free if you spend $150 or more in one order.

Customer Reviews

This online drugstore platform has a lot of reviews on just one third party website which is is Trust Pilot where it has a total of 40 reviews that give a total score of 4.5 stars out of 5. But upon further inspection, we saw that the majority of the accounts that posted the reviews on TrustPilot have just 1 review which is very suspicious and supports our theory that someone connected to the website is either creating these reviews or paying someone to make them.

excellent rating

When we checked the pharmacy website itself we found that there are also testimonials hosted there, the majority of them are positive but they should not be trusted as there is a high chance that they are created by the website owners themselves.

Is Website a Scam or Legit?

This pharmaceutical e-commerce platform is a scam that tries to mislead unsuspecting and trusting users with fake information on the online pharmacy itself and also on third-party review platforms like Trust Pilot.

On URL Void, there is 1 warning about this pharmacy website due to malicious files being detected to be hosted on the site.


In conclusion, is a dodgy pharmaceutical website that we strongly recommend that you do not use as there is a very high chance that they will just take all your money and not send you anything.

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