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DistrbxShop.com, the pharmacy e-store, supposedly serves as a link between customers and trusted suppliers of branded and generic medications. The health medications offered by the online pharmacy are alleged of high quality, but customers can still save because of the low prices. Furthermore, the company reported providing advice and guidance to customers, which are health services offered alongside purchased medications.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2022-04-10
Main Details
Drugstore NameOnline Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

The pharmacy domain was registered and last updated on April 10th, 2022. The domain will expire a year after its registration, on April 10th, 2023, unless renewed or reactivated. Furthermore, the recently registered domain has no information on the registrant or owner, with a large part of the information redacted for a supposed privacy purpose besides the location: Moscow, Russia.

registered in 2022

While spammers and hackers take advantage of such personal information, it doesn’t change the fact that the domain owner is anonymous and can be easily used for malpractices.

The domain’s recentness, length of registration, which was just for a year, and anonymity are enough reasons to doubt the business’s legitimacy. Nevertheless, other factors will be considered before determining the company’s legitimacy or illegitimacy.

Business Profile

The online pharmacy has no business profile besides “Online Pharmacy,” which isn’t a company identity, boldly visible on the top-left of the pharmacy website. The pharmacy e-store also has no physical store or information about the employer or any of its staff. The business anonymity, in addition to the domain’s, makes the online pharmacy completely anonymous.

no info

The implication of such anonymity means the company can easily engage in illegal, unsafe, and other practices against health and pharmaceutical standards with no one or group to hold accountable. As a result, this makes them an unsafe platform.

Website Clone

The pharmacy website is a clone of other pharmacy websites. Similar web interfaces, content, and customer support telephone numbers can be found across the websites. The cloned pharmacy websites are:

  • apexonlinepharmacy.com
  • carehealthlife.com
  • grabxshop.com
  • lazy-shop-online.com
  • momentxshop.com
  • secured-rx.com

Regulatory Approvals

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and LegitScript are currently two of the most reputable health and pharmaceutical bodies. The recognition and approval of the online drugstore by either of these bodies will prove its legitimacy. Conversely, its non-recognition or unfavorable ratings by either of these bodies will show its illegitimacy.

not in the database

Unfortunately, the pharmacy e-store has not been reviewed by NABP and no results were found when it was searched on LegitScript’s database. The unrecognition of the online pharmacy by two of these bodies is a great indicator of the company’s not being safe. You will be better off getting your health medications from a trusted source.

Products and Pricing

The categories of products available on the pharmacy website include:

  • Hormones
  • Covid-19
  • HIV
  • Allergy
  • Mental illness
  • General health
  • Cancer, etc.

The medications’ prices are reportedly at rock-bottom prices in addition to discounts and free pills.

Payment and shipping

Credit cards are the accepted payment method on the pharmacy website. The accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

fast shipping

There are two shipping methods used by the online drugstore for delivery. They are:

  • Airmail Service: The shipping method costs $10 on orders below $200. However, all orders above $200 come with a free shipping service. The delivery duration is estimated to be between 14 and 21 days.
  • Trackable Courier Service: This costs $30 on all orders below $300, although there is a free shipping option for orders above $300. The estimated delivery duration is between 5 and 9 days.

distrbxshop.com reviews

There are hundreds of reviews available on the pharmacy website, which is suspicious for a company recently registered less than 6 months ago. Our doubts became apparent as some of the reviews were supposedly given in 2015, which is years before the domain was registered. Furthermore, the reviews on the website are similar to those on the mirror pharmacy websites.

fake comments

The reviews on the pharmacy website are intended to mislead customers into trusting the business and purchasing health medications. However, they are fake and should be treated as such.


The pharmacy e-store would not be labeled a scam or an unsafe website simply because it was recently registered, but rather due to the business and domain’s suspiciousness. The identity of the domain and business owner is unknown.

Furthermore, the website is a clone of other pharmacy websites, with similar content like reviews and telephone numbers. Lastly, the online pharmacy has not been reviewed by either LegitScript or NABP, which is an indicator of how unsafe it is. As a result, the pharmacy e-store will be labeled unsafe.

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