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EmpowerPharmacy.com is a pharmacy that manufactures compounded medications. They claim to have the largest compounding facility in the US, but are they the right choice for you? We look at what the business offers to customers to help you decide.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2006-01-29
CountryUnited States
Main Details
Drugstore NameEmpower Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptUnapproved status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-877-562-8577
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

The domain name this site uses has been registered since 2006. This is longer than many online pharmacies and could suggest that they are going to be more reliable.

registered in 2006

While a long registration is probably better, there isn’t any information about who registered the domain in the records. A privacy service has been used to hide this information in the database, and while this obviously looks suspicious, it isn’t necessarily a problem. This might have been a service already included in the domain registration.

Business Profile

A lot of information is provided about the people who work in this business. They provide photos and quotes from named individuals working in the business, and this makes them seem more legit.

legit picture

They provide a contact address on their website, and when we check we can see it is a real business location. They have large and impressive facilities in Houston, Texas, further suggesting that they are legit.

Regulatory Approval

The store has a page containing some information about the regulatory approvals they have. On this page, they claim to hold licenses in every US state.

Checking the Texas State Board of Pharmacy database shows that they are correctly registered there.


Randomly checking with another state, however, shows the pharmacy has had some issues. While they are correctly licensed by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, they have suffered some disciplinary action on previous licenses. This shows that they have used a probationary license in the past, and could mean they have done something wrong.

disciplinary action

When we check with LegitScript, this store doesn’t have the best review. Rather than the approved status we would like to see, they are only unapproved. Though this isn’t the ideal situation, things could be worse.


Treatments Sold

This pharmacy business produces compounded medications. This allows patients to be treated with meds that are more suitable for their unique conditions. So if a patient has an aversion to a particular ingredient, this can be avoided using compounding pharmacies like Empower.

The main categories of medications available include:

popular drugs
  • Fertility
  • Dermatology
  • Hormone replacement
  • Men’s health

These meds are produced in what they claim to be “America’s largest compounding facility,” which has been designed to meet quality standards.

While this all sounds good, they don’t give information about prices on the store. This could suggest that they charge more than you might expect from an online pharmacy, and compound meds are normally more expensive anyway.

The store gives information on their site about how doctors should prescribe meds manufactured by the pharmacy. This shows that they do correctly require prescriptions when ordering.

All of this does go to suggest that ordering from the pharmacy would be a safe choice for customers, if not a cheap one.

Payment and Shipping

The store does have the correct security to keep customers safe when placing an order. You can pay using:

  • Major credit cards
  • Health insurance
  • Bank transfer

Shipping involves choosing between three options from FedEx, UPS, and the USPS. For $10, you can use Express 2nd day, and $20 is the cost for Express Overnight. If you need it, Express Overnight Refrigerated costs $27.

EmpowerPharmacy.com Reviews

The store has feedback on a few different independent sites. Their EmpowerPharmacy.com reviews, however, aren’t perfect.

both positive and negative

They currently have 238 reviews on Google, with an overall rating of 3.6. Though this is better than average, it does show some customers don’t receive the experience they expect or would like.

Customers report problems with being overcharged, slow and unresponsive service. However, there are many more positive comments from customers, showing that they have experienced a reliable service.


Though there are some issues with this pharmacy, overall they seem like a solid choice. If you are looking for compounding drugs, they appear to offer a safe service.

There are some issues with unhappy customers and disciplinary action on their licenses. They might not be the cheapest choice, but they are legit.

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