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common view is an online drugstore that sells a wide variety of drugs that helps individuals treat serious and nonserious health conditions. The live chat of this online drugstore can be accessed through a responsive button that is located always in the bottom right of the pharmacy website. Alternatively, there is a contact form located on its very own page that customers can use. We are going to be sharing our findings from our investigation into this e-commerce drugstore throughout this article.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2020-11-20
Main Details
Drugstore NameEU Pharma Shop
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number+1-888-243-7406
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

The domain of this pharmacy website was first registered on the 20th of November 2020, which as of writing this article also happens to be the last time that the domain has been updated. Currently, this domain is set to expire on the 20th of November 2021.


It doesn’t say anywhere on this drugstore platform, how long they have been in business. This lack of transparency is worrying considering that on the ‘About Us’ page of this pharmaceutical website there is an image of a giant office despite this e-commerce drugstore being just a few months old.

Business Profile

Despite the name and logo of this pharmaceutical website representing that the site is located in the European Union, in the footer of this e-pharmacy, it says that the copyright of the online drugstore is owned by Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. Furthermore according to public records, the owners of this e-commerce drugstore are located in the city of Hong Kong, China.

1% of trust

On Scamadviser, the pharmacy website has a trust score of 1% due to the drugstore website not being active.

Regulatory Approval

When we tried to verify if this e-commerce drugstore is an approved member of any leading regulatory bodies such as CIPA, MIPA, and the CPA. Unfortunately, we founded that this online pharmacy is not a member of any of these regulatory agencies.

not in the database

On LegitScript, there is no information available about this pharmaceutical website. This is because the pharmacy website was founded just a few months ago. 

Products and Pricing

The bestselling medication on this online pharmacy is male supplements which help to boost stimulation during intimacy as well as increase performance for males. 

male supplements

Best-Selling Products on This Platform

Furthermore, this e-commerce drugstore promises fast delivery with a 100% guarantee, However, the online drugstore does not offer any information about how they actually fulfill this and also the terms and conditions.

  • Sleep Aid, in this popular category, customers are able to purchase mostly pill-based medication that helps to treat illnesses that influence the sleep of individuals.
  • Other, another section of the pharmacy website worth taking note of is the Other category where you can find all of the products that do not necessarily fit into the other product sections. These include medication for inflammation and fibrosis.
  • Blood Pressure, furthermore you have the ‘Blood Pressure’ category where you are able to find drugs that help patients bring their blood pressure to healthy levels. 
  • Healthy Bones, in this section you are able to purchase medication that treats bone-related illnesses such as osteoporosis and arthritis which affect the movement of the body as well as the patient’s quality of life.
  • Anti-diabetic, a further category that is popular on this e-commerce drugstore is the diabetes category where you can purchase drugs that help with the side effects of diabetes as well as help to reduce the chances of a person developing diabetes.

Payment and Shipping

The pharmacy website offers four distinct payment methods, the first payment method is credit cards from the biggest companies in the market such as Visa and Mastercard.

low price

If you are looking for extra protection then you can also pay through Paypal which hosts payments done using credit cards and bank transfers. The third payment method is SEPA, which allows for bank transfers in-between countries in the European Union. Finally, you can pay using Bitcoin and Ethereum, however, they are not recommended as they are less safe.

Two shipping methods are offered to customers, the cheapest one is the Standard shipping method which takes between 2 and 3 weeks. Alternatively, there is the option of a faster but also the more expensive Express method that takes on average between 3 and 8 days. 

Customer Reviews

A total of 5 high-quality review articles are available on third-party websites about this e-pharmacy. All of these reviews are very negative, accusing the pharmacy website of being a scam and also giving low scores of 1 star out of 5. 


Moreover, a much larger number of testimonials are located on their own special page. These testimonials unlike the independent ones are very positive, but we do not recommend that you trust them as they are most likely fake testimonials created by the owners of the pharmacy platform. 

Is it a Scam or Legit?

This pharmaceutical website is a scam, there is no independent evidence of this drugstore website providing an adequate service, instead, all evidence points to it being a scam that tries to extract money from unsuspecting online shoppers.

On URL Void, there are no warnings displayed about this online pharmacy, however, the drugstore website is flagged for being just over a month old. 


To conclude, claims to have the best prices in the world, although again there is no evidence that this is actually true. In fact, it is dubious, as a small and new pharmacy website cannot offer lower prices than the world’s biggest drugstore platforms. We recommend that you avoid this e-commerce platform for your own safety.

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