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I-Health-Market.com is a pharmacy which boasts of having over 1 million customers. They also say that they are a Canadian pharmacy. Are these claims really true? Our look at this pharmacy suggests that they aren’t and you should be very careful with this store.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2019-10-15
Main Details
Drugstore NameHappy Family Store
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-888-243-7406
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

We can see from the information provided in the domain records that this is a very new pharmacy. They have only been registered for a few months and this would suggest that it is unlikely that they are very trustworthy.

registered in 2019

There isn’t any information to be found in the records about where the owner of this store is located or who they are. The only thing we have to suggest a country of origin is the domain registrar, which is a Pakistani business.

Business Profile

On the about page of the pharmacy, they claim that they are called “Happy Family Store” with an image of an impressive office. However, it is very clear that their logo has been added to the photo after it was taken.

fake photo

The pharmacy also mentions that they are a Canadian pharmacy but provide no contact details for Canada. It is common for scam pharmacies to claim to be from Canada, as they know US customers are aware of cheaper prices north of the border.

This common deception is designed to trick customers into trusting the pharmacies. In reality, they have no link to Canada and the drugs are dispatched from a completely different country.

Regulatory Approvals

The store doesn’t provide any information about operating with regulatory approval. Since we don’t know where they are based, we don’t know what regulation they should have to be legal in the country they are based. This isn’t a good sign and another common issue with scam online pharmacies.


LegitScript confirms our fears about this pharmacy. They give the store the lowest rating available to them. They consider them to be a rogue drugstore which doesn’t have the approval to operate which they should.

Medications Offered

The pharmacy has generic and brand pills on the store’s pages. They offer a range of treatments but their main focus appears to be the men’s health market.


They don’t dare to mention where the drugs are dispatched from, however. Just like the rest of the site this information is purposely hidden from us and indicates that we probably wouldn’t like the truth if we were told it.

This leads us to suspect that the drugs offered aren’t from a reputable pharmacy or drugs company. If they refuse to provide any information how can we be certain everything is done in a reliable way? How do we know that the drugs are what they claim to be? We don’t and since there is a problem with fake and counterfeit pills online, we should be on our guard.

Payment Methods

The transaction for this pharmacy takes place on a different website which has some security in place. They offer two payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard


Delivery from this store is a choice from airmail and EMS. The EMS or express mail is the more expensive option at $29.95 with delivery expected in 3 to 8 days. Airmail is just $9.95 and can take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. Both methods give you a tracking number at some point and all delivery times are business days.

Free shipping is given to you if you decide to spend at least $200 on the store.

I-Health-Market.com Reviews

The store provides a page of i-Health-Market.com reviews. The comments found there are highly positive towards the business which is what you would expect given it is their own site.

not trusted

They have more testimonials that you would expect from a pharmacy as new as we know they are. It is actually very difficult to get a lot of customer reviews for a new business, so these comments are highly unlikely to be genuine. Fake testimonials are a common problem with scam pharmacy stores and this is what we appear to have here.


This pharmacy has gone out of its way to make sure we don’t know anything about who they are or where they are located. They have no regulation and we don’t know if the drugs are coming from a reliable supplier. One to avoid.

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