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Do you know that there is a new compound formula men can use in stepping up their bedroom game? Before now, you could only buy these active ingredients separately; depending on what your body needs. However, the introduction of an innovative compound by has changed our perspective on how we tackle our health issues. Their 3-in-1 tablet is all you need to feel, look, and perform at your optimal best.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2020-08-10
CountryUnited States
Main Details
Drugstore NameMango Rx
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptCertified status
Contact Info
Free Number
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Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

This article will discuss the authenticity and trustworthiness of this new drug that claims to be the best of all. So we will start with the domain information of the website to know who, where, and when the website was created. According to a Whois search on, we discovered that was created in 2020/08/10.


Furthermore, we discovered that the domain is hosted with a popular hosting company called GoDaddy LLC, which ranks as one of the top 5 hosting companies in the United States. Also, we noticed that the registrant, administrative, and technical contacts are well documented for ease of reference.

Business Profile is the brain behind a unique formula that helps increase blood flow and help men to become more powerful. Their 3-in-1 combo has redesigned the standard for quality, attitude, and transparency concerning men’s health. So if you’re like us, you wouldn’t won’t to sleep on this one, as they are here to go hard in every aspect of your life.

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Furthermore, when we tested the pharmacy website on, we noticed that has been marked safe and trustworthy. They have not been blacklisted by any anti-virus software, and there is an SSL certificate available to protect their customer data. So our confidence and trust in this online store just went a bit higher compared to when started researching them.

Regulatory Approvals

Apart from the other metrics we will use in judging the credibility and reliability of this pharmacy website, the regulatory approvals from international and local authorities are the most critical. According to CIPA, the domain is yet to be certified.

Furthermore, is yet to be analyzed by the National Association Board of Pharmacy (NABP). There are still some important things they need to do to get their certification status approved.


Furthermore, when we checked the database of, we discovered that has been verified and certified to meet their standards for legality and transparency. The four-year-old website has been given the official seal which you can find at the bottom of their website.

Products and Pricing is not interested in selling generic medications that do nothing but take away money from your pocket. They have instead created their own expertly formulated compounds that do everything from boosting your sexual experience and making you relaxed and refreshed. Also, their hair growth treatments are one of the most natural products we are yet to see in any walk-in or online store.

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Furthermore, you can get their 3-in-1 active ingredients for as low as $12 including shipping to anywhere in the United States. Their products are fast selling as it does what they say it will do to your body system. Besides, there are a lot of positive comments and feedback from customers who have used their products in the past.

Payments and Shipping offers premium subscriptions to customers who are willing to commit to its services. There is a 10% off all orders and free shipping for those who decide to choose this pathway. Also, you can choose to pay with any type of credit or debit card of your choice on their portal.

Furthermore, there is a fee attached for every order made on their website. However, this fee will depend on your choice of shipping method and whether you have a monthly refill subscription. Also, makes use of UPS exclusively to deliver their customer packages.

Customer Feedback

We found a lot of happy customer comments on Most of them were satisfied with the products, time of delivery and the quick response of their customer representatives. However, we have yet to record a single customer opinion on; which is one of the biggest third-party platforms for customers and businesses.

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Is Legit or a Scam? is a legit and trustworthy pharmacy website, that complies with the standards of legality and transparency of online pharmacies. Though, despite not being perfect yet they have created something unique and outstanding than their competitors.

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Conclusion is an online pharmacy we will surely give a trial to enhance our sexual experience. Their unique blend of magic is what we need to take our bedroom game to the next level.

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