Reviews – Many Reasons to be Suspicious

common view is an online pharmacy which tells us that they sell the most high-quality pills on the market. They say that customer satisfaction is their highest priority, but we weren’t satisfied with what we found when looking into this pharmacy. They have many problems, don’t put your trust in this drugstore before reading our review.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2017-06-21
CountryAlbania or China
Main Details
Drugstore NameOnline Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free NumberUS: +1-888-524-7141
UK: +44-808-189-1420
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

A look at the domain name information which relates to this pharmacy shows us that they have only been in business since 2017 which isn’t very long for an online pharmacy.

registered in 2017

In our experience, we know that this means that this store is far more likely to be a scam operation.

A Chinese registrar has been used to register the domain and the only information about who owns it is the country location of Albania. The rest of the address information is hidden for privacy, and there isn’t an organization name which suggests that it was registered by a person, not a business.

Business Profile

There isn’t an Albanian address to be found anywhere on the pharmacy site. In fact, there isn’t any information about the pharmacy business which runs the site anywhere and this presents a great risk. It is all too common to find no business information on scam pharmacies, so this isn’t a good thing to find.

Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy doesn’t appear to be operating with any regulatory approval. They do say in the FAQ that the pills come from FDA approved companies but provide no further information to back up this claim.

fake claims

The lack of regulatory approval could mean that they aren’t operating within the law and certainly that they aren’t operating to the highest standards.

Looking to LegitScript’s findings we can see that they have given the store their lowest available classification. The rogue classification indicates that this drugstore isn’t following the rules and regulations which they should be to operate safely.


Meds on Sale

The store is offering brand and generic meds to their customers. They seem to be largely focused on selling men’s health pills. They even offer free pills of your choice from the men’s health range with every order.

men's related pills

Unfortunately, this pharmacy doesn’t reveal where the pills are dispensed from or even which country they are manufactured in. This leaves us concerned about the quality of the drugs they are selling to their customers.

There is a real problem with low-quality and counterfeit pills being sold online and this store gives all the appearance of a pharmacy doing just that. If you were to put your trust in this store you would likely be given fake medication in return, a medication that could make your health much worse.

Payment Methods

The completion of the order process is taken care of on a different website completely. This other site does have valid security from McAfee, Comodo and SecurityMetrics which is something. They accept payment through the following methods:

cards and ACH
  • Major credit cards
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • E-check

Shipping Options

They provide a choice of airmail or a service with tracking. The airmail option is the cheapest at $10 and you can expect delivery in 2 or 3 business weeks. Delivery with tracking is three times the cost at $30 and it is expected to arrive in 5 to 9 business days. Reviews

Based on the things we have already uncovered about this pharmacy, the reviews on their testimonial page are likely to be fake.


When we read through them, they seem fairly generic, not mentioning the pharmacy by name. A search on part of one of the comments reveals that they can be found on over 600 other web pages.

lots of results

The use of fake testimonials on scam pharmacies is a frequent issue and shows that they will do anything to try to convince you they are legitimate.


There are many reasons to suspect that this pharmacy is a dangerous scam store. They are hiding who they are and where they are based. Are they in China, Albania or somewhere else? They also don’t say where the pills are dispensed from, so how can we, in all fairness, recommend anyone to use this store?

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