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layout is a drugstore website that sells hundreds of different medications for all of the popular conditions. On the website, there is a detailed list of all the health professionals that are apparently employed by them however this cannot be verified. There are a couple of ways to try and get in contact with the admins of this online store such as using the toll-free United States phone number provided as well as a live chat feature. A lot of promises are made on this online pharmacy and in this article, we are going to be probing them to see if they are actually correct.

Domain Details
Date of Registry1995-07-30
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanadian Drugstore
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

The domain for this online pharmacy was first registered on the 30th of July 1995 and last updated on the 19th of July 2019. Furthermore, the domain is set to expire on the 29th of July 2021.

registered in 1995

Although the domain seems to have been registered for a very long time, it is important to note that it may have been registered by another company that has closed and then picked up by this entity.

Business Profile

Public records show that the individuals or organizations behind this website are based in the city of Samara in Russia. The company listed as the register is named ‘Legato LLC’ but this cannot be true as in Russia companies do not use the LLC abbreviation.

63% of trust

On Scamadviser, this online pharmacy has a trust score fo 63% with the reason being ‘a new site involving a high-risk country.

Regulatory Approval

There are no records of this drugstore website being a member of any of the reputable pharmaceutical regulatory bodies that we checked with CIPA, CPA, and MIPA.


On LegitScript, this pharmacy website is rated as ‘rogue’ for not being part of any regulatory bodies which are required by law.

Products and Pricing

Coupon codes are constantly updated on this e-commerce drugstore at the specially made Coupon Codes page. This is a strategy frequently employed by scam pharmacies to try and lure you into sending them money so you need to be cautious.

Best-Selling Products on This Platform

A blog page with close to 20 articles is also available on this website, it features information about how to use certain medication properly and also safely.

  • Hormones, in the hormone product category you can buy hormone supplements to help if your thyroid gland is not working properly as well as if you have problems with your pituitary lactotroph cells.
  • Mental Illness, in this section there is a diverse number of products that help deal with conditions such as anxiety, central nervous system failure, and depression.
  • Hair Loss, there are only two products in the hair loss section that help you limit the progression of Propecia which is a most often inherited illness that causes hair loss in men.
  • Sleeping Aids, in the sleeping aids product category you can buy a product called Meloset which helps people deal with insomnia which is a major reason why a lot of people have trouble sleeping.
  • Cardiovascular, pill-based medication can be bought here that deals with heart and blood vessel-related conditions such as high blood pressure and blood clots.

Payment and Shipping

Two types of payment methods are available right now on this e-commerce drugstore, the first way is to pay using a credit card from the biggest company in the industry such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Diner’s Club.

lots of payment options

The other option is to pay through escrow service ACH which is also not 100% safe from scam risks.

As for shipping, there are two methods to choose from, the first is the Standard shipping method which takes between 14 and 21 days to be fulfilled then you have the Express shipping method which takes between 5 and 9 days. Reviews

Very little reviews are available online about this pharmacy website on third-party websites, the few reviews of this kind that do exist give low ratings of 1 or 2 stars out of 5 as well as labeling this pharmaceutical website as a scam.

created by the owners

There are also testimonials hosted on the online pharmacy itself which contrastingly are mostly positive but are not credible as the admins of the website have the ability to edit them as they please.

Is Website a Scam or Legit?

This online drugstore is a scam that is not a reliable way to buy medication online with the chances of you being scammed being extremely high. You should never do business with any drugstores that are not regulated.

On URL Void, this pharmaceutical website has no warnings but this may change in the future if the number of people that use it increases.


In conclusion, is a typical scam pharmacy that uses false information and a lot of purposely enticing claims in order to entice users to purchase from them.

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