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Online selling, even for medicines, is all the rage these days. However, since this is contactless, there can be a higher risk for individuals involved in fraudulent and treacherous activities done by professional scammers. will be given quick reviews based on what is displayed on its website and its claims as an online pharmacy so that it can be rated as legit or genuinely a scam.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2020-11-12
Main Details
Drugstore NameMedix Refill
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptUnapproved status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-855-909-0700
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union


This online drugstore claims to be a mediator between the individual needing prescription medicines and any of their affiliated drugstores. They project online that they are a Canadian-based pharmacy and have a unique way of enticing clients, such as having an online platform to upload their sensitive and confidential prescriptions to and forward them to third-party pharmaceutical providers.

some warning signs

Right off the bat, has mentioned in their bio that they are not a drugstore that manufactures and have medicines on inventory but a binding agent, so to speak, to reach pharmacies that have the said prescription medicines needed yet in their website they promote the medications as if it were their own. The website also has none of the officially affiliated pharmacies displayed on their site for marketing and trusting purposes of the audiences. A significant point and factor they have missed out. That is very suspicious already.


The pharmacy claims to have access to providing medications that are generic and not branded that addresses sensitive and common issues that pertain to faulty and non-functional response to pleasure and intimate activities most common to men, especially in the older age demographic.

popular drugs

The website also has available unbranded medicines that can help delay monthly cycles for women, which can affect fertility and may hinder conception and terminate the early stages of existing ones on the down-low. Few conventional medications are available, such as gout, diabetes, and asthma.

Having to cater to a demographic of men or women needing these types of medicines displays a very suspicious clickbait act. Every individual knows and can check reviews about legit pharmaceuticals and is of high standards and practices and their policy to not provide these types of medicines in any possible way. This obviously is a scam and is a fraudulent activity at best.

Payment and Shipping Methods

Major credit cards are accepted and are made to be transacted online. All details are input in their form and are charged once done. The transparency of their rates is not displayed as well. Since they get their medicines from a legit third-party affiliated pharmacy and more, they should state it in the breakdown of their rates. If applicable, tax, shipping, or delivery fees, and the third party pharmaceutical rate or cut they give to them. This way, audiences will be confident in making a transaction since they know why the total is how it is.

for free delivery

They stated on the website that free shipping and deliveries are shouldered by the pharmacy where the medicine is available, not UK and EU pharmacies, to be exact. In specific reviews, shipping via post or mail is quite risky as there is no legit tracking of how the parcel is going.

The time and hassle of recovering a damaged product or an undelivered parcel are not worth the trouble as it is no longer the post office or station’s concern. A wise combination of moves for professionals involved in a mission to scam their audience with free shipping, immediate payment transfer via card, and postal shipping of products. Reviews

It is possible that the pharmacy is not popular because they have no customer feedback. We have checked popular reviews websites like MyWot and Trustpilot. Lack of feedback is a real problem.

not found

Final Verdict has earned a low rating as it has displayed methods and processes in their transactions as scams or fraudulent results upon reviews.

Having to be a mediator between pharmacies that are not even shown on the site for everyone’s familiarity only means that they are hiding something from potential customers.

When things get complicated and rough, can blame the possibly non-existent pharmacy partners they have while they take all the money and credit.

A legit technique and wise way of scapegoating scammed clients when they are making a refund or complaining.

Do not fall for the so-called unique selling point of this online pharmacy, as the reviews in this article have already given everyone a fair and justifiable warning.

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