Reviews – Buyer Beware is a Canadian online pharmacy that was founded by a team of professionals in the field of hematology and pharmacy. For several years, they have contributed to the development and distribution of affordable receptor drugs. Thanks to them, many patients can take medications without a significant loss of budget. However, our review will focus on checking their legitimacy and trustworthiness, as they claim to be. So make sure you grab some coffee along with you because it’s going to be a long ride.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2014-03-08
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanadian Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-613- 4168 555
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

The first step just like every other pharmacy we have reviewed here in the past is to review the domain information of the website. According to, the domain was registered on 2014/03/08 under the Regional Network Information Center, JSC dba RU-CENTER. This means the pharmacy website was created 9 years ago and still counting.

in business since 2014

Furthermore, the domain was last updated on 2023/09/03 and it’s set to expire by 2027/03/07. This means there is still time left before the expiry date of 2027. However, when we reviewed the raw whois data, we noticed that the address, registrant name, and phone number were either redacted or looked suspicious. This is a huge red flag for an online pharmacy that sells medications to people.

Business Profile

The goal of is to provide customers with a reliable, and safe medication service. They understand how difficult it is to find the right generic and how important the support of a professional pharmacist is. That is why their pharmacy employs professionals with specialized education who can choose a prescription drug from popular brands at low prices.

high trust

Furthermore, when we tested the pharmacy website on we noticed that has a perfect score of 100 out of 100. This means has confirmed the pharmacy website to be legit and trustworthy. However, we noticed a lot of significant red flags that we can’t seem to ignore. They include the hidden identity of the owners, low traffic, the website being served from a high-risk country, etc.

Regulatory Approvals

The approval given by local and international pharmaceutical authorities is very important to our review of According to the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the pharmacy website is not a recognized member of the association. This means they are not recognized as a legal entity in Canada.

Furthermore, when we checked the database of the National Association Board of Pharmacy (NABP), we found out that is yet to be reviewed by NABP. This means their application is still pending approval or rejection by the authorities. However, this does not dispute the fact that they are suspicious and unreliable.


Finally, to check for more regulatory approvals we tested the website on and the result of our findings revealed that is a “Rogue” pharmacy website. These are websites that don’t adhere to the accepted standards of medical and/or pharmacy practice, including standards of safety; and/or engage in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.

Products and Pricing

The medications available at extend beyond common expectations. Besides medications, they offer a variety of other items. Also, the Canadian pharmacy catalog lists more than 27 product groups. Every medication on their website comes with guidelines and a detailed description. Should you have any inquiries, their support team is always available to assist.

popular men's related pills

Furthermore, offers the cheapest prices of drugs and bonuses to new and old customers who visit the website. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall for online scams as the prices of medications sound suspicious. There are different ways scammers use to lure and deceive their victims.

Payments and Shipping accepts multiple payment methods from their customers. After customers fill in the data, their system will process the order immediately. Besides, if something goes wrong, they will return the money or resend the order in case it gets lost or is damaged. You may receive your parcel in the post office or ask for a to-the-door delivery service.

However, we noticed on the FAQ page that the delivery method was not mentioned. We don’t know for sure which shipping company will be used in delivering customers’ medications. Nevertheless, this is a huge red flag that we need to consider when buying products or medications online. Customers must know who will be shipping their packages. Reviews

Customer reviews are an important part of the review process we use in evaluating the legitimacy and credibility of a pharmacy website. However, when we checked, we couldn’t find a single review about the pharmacy website. This is another significant red flag we need to take into account when buying drugs online.

not found


After analyzing the above reports, we concluded that is a big scam. The absence of regulatory approvals and customer reviews are some of the reasons for our decision. However, if you’re interested in a more legit and trustworthy pharmacy website; then feel free to browse through our blog. There are so many top-rated pharmacies that are waiting for you on our blog.

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