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common view is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to have been trusted by thousands of customers for many years. They promise to save you up to 90% on your prescriptions. We review what is offered by the drugstore to find out if what they’re saying is realistic and whether you should give them a look.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2006-05-12
Main Details
Drugstore NameNorth Drugstore
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptUnapproved Status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-866-940-3784
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

Checking the database of domain names shows us that this pharmacy’s address was registered back in 2006.

work since 2006

This is a pretty long time for an online pharmacy to have been in business and this suggests that they are more likely to be a legit business.

We can also see that the owner of this site has chosen to use a privacy service so that their name and address isn’t present in the records. This is a practice often found with pharmacies which have something to hide because they are trying to rip off their customers, so this isn’t a good discovery.

Business Contact Details

This pharmacy gives an address in Toronto, Canada as their location.


A check on this address, however, shows that the suite is actually a mailbox. The address provided is really for a UPS store and not the offices you might have been expecting.

This isn’t some which we would ideally like to find and does mean that we don’t know where this business is genuinely operated from. They also fail to give us the name of the business behind this drugstore which is another issue.

Regulatory Approvals

This online pharmacy gives a lot of attention on their homepage to their membership of CIPA. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association ensures that stores like this one are using properly licensed pharmacies to dispense medications. They also make sure that the drugstore has policies to guarantee the financial and personal data of their customers is kept safe and secure.

When we check with CIPA, we can see that this membership is current and they are allowed to display the seal.

an active member

When we go to the LegitScript site to find out what they think of this pharmacy we can see that they have given the store an unapproved rating. While this isn’t the worst classification available to them it does show that the standards the pharmacy is using may not be quite as good as they would want you to believe.


Medications on Sale

Brand and generic meds are on offer from this pharmacy. They have an inventory of over 2000 different meds for you to choose from which even includes pet medication.

men's related drugs

Their prices are better than you would normally find in US pharmacies, though they are far from the cheapest online. While this claims to be a Canadian pharmacy, you might find it strange that not all of the drugs are actually sent from Canada. This store uses distribution services from a number of different countries to fulfill their orders.

They do say that these international dispensers are properly regulated in their own countries but provide us with no way to confirm this. They dispatch pills from New Zealand, the UK, Vanuatu, India as well as Canada among other places.

While this should be safe for customers it does increase the chances of fake, low-quality and counterfeit pills entering their sales distribution. There is a massive issue with the production of fake pills worldwide, and it is something which does people real harm. This method of reducing costs for their customers and no doubt improving their profits, does present a real risk to the health of people purchasing from them.

Payment and Shipping

Their store’s pages are secured with a valid site certificate and they will take payment using:

  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • International and US international money orders
  • Checks

They charge a standard fee of $10 per order for shipping. Delivery is guaranteed to happen within 30 days or they will reship your order. Delivery times are anticipated to normally be 2 or 3 weeks. Reviews

When we initially look for reviews what we find isn’t great. The first testimonial we find is on Google and is from a very unhappy customer.

a negative one

Better customer feedback is found on Yelp, though, with an overall rating of 4.5 from just 5 reviewers. These comments appear to be from real customers and people seem happy with the overall service and cheaper prices the store provides.

only positive comments


This pharmacy does seem to be legit with regulation and some good customer feedback. We are unfortunately prevented from giving the store top marks due to a few issues.

They could do with providing more transparency about who they are and where they operate, this is also true for the dispensing pharmacies they use.

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