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common view is an online pharmacy which promises many great things to customers. They say that they have been around since 1992 and offer the highest quality drugs to even the most demanding of customers. Our look at this pharmacy shows that what they are claiming is unlikely to be true. In fact, what they are offering is drugs of dubious quality and a lack of regulation.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2017-08-14
Main Details
Drugstore NameNo Rx Pharmastore 24
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+44-800-098-8085
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

The domain records show that this store was created in 2017. That really isn’t a very long time for a pharmacy to have been in business and could point to them being more likely to be a scam operation.

registered in year 2017

It is common to find a scam store using domain privacy to hide their contact details. This isn’t the case with this drugstore and we can see that it is owned by an individual in Russia. It is slightly concerning that the pharmacy seems to not be owned by a business but a person and Russia is sometimes linked with online fraud.

Some problems are found when we check on this person’s name. It turns out that they have run into trouble registering domain names that contained drug brand names. They were involved in arbitration with Sanofi over the domain name and they lost the case.

Mirror Pharmacies

We have found some other pharmacies which look almost exactly the same as this store. This isn’t a good thing to find and suggests a scam operation.


We don’t know if these stores are owned by the same person, but they do contain the same information and sell the same products.

Business Profile

This pharmacy doesn’t provide any details about who owns and operates this store. We aren’t even given any information about which country they are located in.

We are left to assume that the information found in the domain name records is correct and that this is a store run from Russia.

Regulatory Approvals

There aren’t any regulatory seals found on this site. This shows to us that they aren’t operating in a way which is reliable for customers and could lead to many problems.


When we check on this pharmacy with LegitScript we find that they give the store their worst rating of a rogue business. This is a great concern and shows that they aren’t following the legal rules for operating this business.

Medications Available

This pharmacy seems to have a bias towards selling men’s health pills, but they do offer some other treatment types:

men's health drugs
  • Anti-depressants
  • Pain relief
  • Blood pressure
  • Antibiotics

Their prices aren’t the cheapest online and they aren’t upfront about where the drugs are dispensed from.

The lack of information about where the pills are dispensed from is a great worry. Suggesting that the pills will be of a low and potentially dangerous quality. If you order from this pharmacy you have no idea where they are being sent from or if they are high-quality.

Payment Methods

This pharmacy sends you to a different website to complete the purchase. This other site does have the basic level of security to prevent your card details from being stolen and they will take payment through Mastercard.

They offer no other means of payment than Mastercard and this shows that they are an unprofessional operation. Having only one method of payment is going to be extremely inconvenient for many people.


There is an order minimum of $30 on this store and they only have one shipping option. They will charge you $29.95 for their international delivery service. They say that this will take between 7 and 14 business days to arrive. Reviews

There aren’t any reviews for the site itself on the store or anywhere else we can find. They do have testimonials for some of the products they sell. We are not completely sure that these are genuine customer feedback, showing some signs of being fake.



Not knowing where the pills are dispensed from is a great concern and just one of the reasons we give a low rating. Other problems include a lack of regulation, being a mirror site and lack of payment options. It is also very difficult to put your trust in a pharmacy like this one when they won’t trust you with their business details.

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