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OkDermo.com is an internet pharmacy that sells skincare products. They are concerned with exfoliating the epidermis, rejuvenating its cells and eliminating foreign components. They sell everything from creams and gels to pills and masks. They only stock natural products with organic ingredients that are unlikely to elicit negative health consequences.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2015-11-04
Main Details
Drugstore NameOkDermo
Address19/F2 One Kowloon, 1 Wang Yuen St, Bay, HK
Regulatory Approvals
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free ShippingFor orders over $160
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Details

This website was created on the 3rd of November in 2015. That gives it a lifespan of three years which is decent but hardly exciting. Even though the owner has chosen to hide behind an anonymous service, a lot of the activity surrounding the domain seems to lead back to Arizona in the United States. That suggests that, even though the firm is based in Hong Kong, they actually originate from North America.


Related Websites

You will find nearly a dozen portals on the server that hosts this internet pharmacy. All these sites have a ScamAdviser trust rating ranging between 88% and 100%. That would make this online drugstore’s rating (63%) the lowest of the bunch. 63% isn’t a bad rating. At the very least, it suggests that the site is legit and safe for use. Their decision to hide the identity of the owner is suspect, and so is the fact that they haven’t received any feedback from other sites. However, for the moment, there is no reason to believe that they are a scam.

small chance of risk

Business Profile

Even though their site was created in 2015, this company started working a year earlier in 2014. While their servers are located in the US, they are actually based out of Hong Kong. Their business is primarily skincare. As an online store, they sell health, wellness, and beauty products of various brands. They base their sourcing decisions on the latest trends, working to stay abreast of skincare demands. They aim to deliver only the finest skincare products to consumers, which is why they only contract certified manufacturers and suppliers. Everything they sell comes from Asia.


Not only do they sell drugs but they also act as an information hub, availing information regarding the origins and capabilities of every item they stock. Their personnel includes qualified skincare experts from various sectors who understand what it takes to maintain and treat the skin. They can be trusted to provide guidance on the best methods and treatments for rejuvenating skin.

Regulatory Authorization

LegitScript has classified this company as a rogue internet drugstore. This is because they haven’t been certified, accredited or authorized by any organization to dispense skincare products.


Available Products

This skincare website has over five hundred products in its catalog. They include anti-aging and wrinkle treatment creams, moisturizers, and facial and body care products. The site also sells medicaments that lighten skin, remove blemishes and dark spots, combat acne, and care for the scalp. They cater to all skin types.


Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The products sold here are competitively priced. You can get discounts ranging from 4% to 20% if you buy more of the same product. This doesn’t include the 5% discount that is attached to first time purchases. Payments are made via credit cards, debit cards, and E-Checks. Net banking and cryptocurrencies are also accommodated. The firm uses encryption tools to keep the financial data its clients contribute safely.


Deliveries are made via EMS Express, DHL, and Registered Priority Airmail. It can take up to four weeks for orders to reach their destination. The website accepts orders between Monday and Saturday. It takes them a maximum of 24 hours to process an order and initiate a delivery. They have warehouses in Asian countries like India, Thailand, Korea, and Singapore to mention but a few. So the time it takes an order to arrive will depend on the location of the warehouse from where the order is being sent.


The people on TrustPilot seem to love this company. One consumer said that their purchase arrived at their location in the UK very promptly, though the shipping costs were quite high. Another consumer commended their customer service. On ResellerRatings, a consumer thought that the website was intuitively designed and the prices very attractive. For the most part, this site has attracted positive reviews.

trust pilot


This internet drugstore loses a few points due to the absence of regulatory authorization and the mysterious nature of their owner. But they gain points from the attractive and professional design of their website, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from their clientele.

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