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Online pharmacies can be a great resource for saving money, especially when it comes to prescription drugs. While ordering these medications online has its advantages, it’s important to keep in mind the potential risks associated with doing so. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at and offer an honest review of the site’s products, customer service, and overall purchasing experience.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2015-07-20
Main Details
Drugstore NamePharma Market
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-855-427-7780
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

Domain information is an important part of any website review as it helps us provide a detailed inspection of a website before we go into further details let us take a look at some of those details below.

The domain was registered on July 20, 2015. It shows that they have been in business for nearly a decade now therefore, newbie mistakes cannot be ignored. The website was most recently updated on July 21, 2023, which means that they are still working on the website and it has not been abandoned.

in business since 2015 is registered till July 19, 2024, after which the website will expire unless they choose to extend their registration. However, it seems highly unlikely.

Furthermore, we observed that is using a third party to hide the identity and other details of the owner which may be just a precautionary measure.

Business Profile

Whenever there is a need to check the trust score of any website scamadvisor comes to the rescue. When was checked by Scamadviser the results showed that the trust score was 1 out of 100. The rating of the website is quite low, especially for a pharmaceutical website. However, we cannot deem a website as a scam or legit solely on the ratings of Scamadviser.

the lowest

Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approvals are important because they are another method that can show whether the website is a scam or has good viewers and customers. According to CIPA, is not enlisted in trustable pharmacies so there can be some concerns related to the authenticity of the website. Similarly, when we checked on NABP as expected, they are not registered with NABP either.


In addition to that, to further clear our doubts, when we ran on LegitScript, we observed that they have deemed as a rogue website which is the final nail in the coffin as to why you should avoid them.

Products and Pricing claims to be a one-stop solution for all your needs as they offer a variety of medications ranging from allergy meds to anti-cancer meds however, upon detailed inspection we realized that they offer an excessive discount on most medications which can be a scam.

popular medicine

Furthermore, we also noticed that they have displayed a large selection of men’s health products on their homepage which is a classic hook to lure victims in and scam them.

Payment and Shipping

The payment interface is simple and typical. Once you have chosen the products, you will proceed to a checkout page where you pay by using either a debit card or a credit card as they do not offer cash on delivery. Furthermore, you can also choose to pay with:

  • Bitcoin
  • Tether

We also noticed that they are offering only one type of shipping service, i.e. trackable service which costs $30 and takes 5-9 days to deliver your meds to your doorstep. Reviews

The best way through which a website can be identified as authentic is through its customer reviews. Real and trusted customer reviews, can be displayed on Trustpilot when the was checked from Trustpilot and there were no customer reviews displayed. This can be a red alert that the drugstore may not be running successfully or is not a legitimate pharmacy.

not found

There can be complaints and concerns related to it therefore you must give a thorough background check before ordering any medicine from this website online. In our opinion having no reviews is worse than having a slightly low rating as there is no way to confirm if the pharmacy even exists or not.


To make your decision to purchase from easier, we thoroughly investigated the website and concluded that is not a legit website but a scam and you should avoid them at all costs.

ScamAdviser has given them a rating of 1 out of 100 which is extremely low. In addition to that, LegitScript has deemed them a rogue website and along with that, they are not registered with either NABP or CIPA. A cherry on top is that we did not find any customer reviews on Trustpilot or any other website over the internet. All these pointers are enough to conclude that is a scam pharmacy.

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