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Quality-Rx.net is an internet pharmacy that deals with generic and branded products. They have customers from all corners of the world to whom they ship FDA-approved drugs which acquire from cheap markets in Asia.

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Date of Registry2017-07-14
Main Details
Drugstore NameQuality Generics Pills
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
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Free Number+1-888-524-7141
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Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

This website was registered on the 14th of July in 2017, which means that it has been in operation for almost two years. You shouldn’t use the lifespan of a website to make any definite decisions about an internet pharmacy. After all, every website was once new and the fact that a company hasn’t had the opportunity to accumulate years of experience doesn’t mean it is a scam. That being said, this firm’s short lifespan should encourage you to apply caution in your dealings with its services.


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ScamAdviser has assigned the medical portal a rating of 92% which means that they are legit, or at the very least, safe. They don’t seem to have any related websites but that doesn’t really prove anything.

Business Profile

There is no way to determine the origins of this site. Its online activity suggests a connection with Texas in the United States. The owner is an even bigger mystery. You should never trust an online resource that utilizes such secrecy. Maybe they are trying to maintain their privacy. But it is also quite possible that they are hiding something nefarious. On the surface, the company presents the façade of an ordinary internet pharmacy. They wish to become a trusted source of medical products. They employ a team of professionals whose job it is to source the highest quality pills from around the world. They also provide guidance to the customers who purchase their medicine.


Ordering for drugs is a simple matter of scouring the website, finding the drug you want, and clicking the ”Buy” button. Once you have selected the dosage and the quantities you require, initiate the checkout process, provide your financial and billing information, and then wait for your package to arrive. They claim to use very strict criteria when they vet suppliers. They wish to ascertain that every product that leaves their premises is of the highest quality.

Regulatory Authorization

According to LegitScript, this is a rogue website. They haven’t been authorized by any organization to dispense drugs in any country or even online. They operate under the name ”Quality Generics Pills” which doesn’t really provide any clues as to which nation they call home.


Available Products

You can buy both generic and brand name drugs for ailments such as:

  • Cholesterol
  • Arthritis and Asthma
  • Cancer and Diabetes

You don’t need a prescription to initiate an order but you are encouraged to talk to your doctor before buying drugs from this website. They won’t be held responsible for any negative health consequences that manifest as a result of your decision to self-medicate. They claim that all their merchandise is FDA-approved but that can’t be proven. They do not reveal the source of their medication; not the countries and certainly not the names of the dispensaries.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

According to this online venture’s website, all its products are reasonably priced. They don’t want their customers to run off to any other supplier, so their price tags are always friendly. They are aided by the fact that their pills are generic in nature, and thus, cheaper to acquire. With shipping, the options available include:

  • Trackable Courier Service which can take up to 9 days
  • Express Delivery Method which can take up to 21 days

Shipping fees will depend on the size of the order and the destination. If a package is damaged along the way, the pharmacy will either reship it for free or refund the money. All drugs are transported in basic packages that maintain the privacy of the consumer. Payments are made via credit cards.


The reviews this site has on one of its webpages are positive. You have 34-year-old Johnny who was hesitant to use their services because of all the risks associated with internet pharmacies. But he took a chance and was surprised to find the customer support personnel so helpful, keeping him apprised of the status of his order throughout its journey. Susan bought some herbal products that did everything she expected. So she recommended the pharmacy to her friends. There is no way to prove that any of these customer reviews are real.



This is an internet pharmacy with a poor rating. The absent regulatory authority and verifiable reviews, and poorly designed website earn it this abysmal trust rating.

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