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For almost a decade now, QualityDrugstoreNow24.com has been an ultimate source of generic pills according to information on their site. Their products are secured from leading pharmaceutical manufacturing plants found in India. Nevertheless, something isn’t right somewhere because some details gathered from websites like whois.com and ScamAdviser contradicts everything. And that’s why ScamAdviser identifies it as a high-risk website that should be shunned like venom. In simple terms, this online store is a scam. Let’s go much in details to unveil more.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2017-03-17
Main Details
Drugstore NameQuality Drugstore
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-800-532-4808
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shippingfree Standard Airmail Service for all orders for more than $150
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Details

As per WhoIs, the domain name was registered on 2017-03-17 by 1APIGmbH. This is a contradiction from what’s on this site which says, it has been operating for the last 9 years.


Rogue entities aren’t new to controversies and that’s why this store fits in this category perfectly. It has exaggerated such details to woo unsuspecting customers. Some similar sites include:

  • QualityDrugstoreNow24.net
  • QualityDrugstoreToday24.com
  • TheQualityDrugstoreNow24.com

Business Profile

The website utilizes privacy service that makes it a hard nut to crack on administrative details. Further, there’s uncertainty about its mother country that makes it quite a puzzle.


Usually, scam websites use anonymous service to disguise their identity from the public domain. Hence, they carry out their dirty businesses unnoticeable, unlike legit sites that embrace transparency. This store operates 24/7 thus simplifying the acquisition of medical drugs. For inquiries, comment or request, the available contact details are US toll-free (+18005324808), Regular US (+17183131498) and UK (+442002227084). Others are live support and email address ([email protected]).

Regulatory Approvals

Presenting valid seals acquired from various online authorities’ bodies does not only build confidence with customers but it also restricts the friction with relevant authorities. In simple terms, having the seals is a piece of evidence that a store hinds to set rules and regulations. Unfortunately, there are no seals available on this site but just a statement that claims that their products are FDA approved. The statement is unverified plus we cannot buy that. This store is unavailable on the PharmacyChecker database that ideally suggests it’s a rogue website.

rogue status

Products and Pricing

Usually, they deal with low-priced generic medicines that are solutions to various ailments. The pills treat maladies like HIV, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, Men’s health, cancer, and many others. Depending on the magnitude of the order, they give free bonus pills. The issue of giving out free pills is well-known with scam websites: their idea is to make their clients feel like there are getting a good deal at a lower price. Nonetheless, most of these pills are deceitful for they only cause harm to the human body system.


Some of their best selling drugs are:

  • Men’s health pills
  • Amoxil
  • Priligy
  • Clomid
  • Diflucan

Like most rogue sites, they specialize with men’s reproduction pills that are easy to acquire and purchase. The prices are way below the market price rates which most buyers fall for without considering the quality of these pills.

Payments and Shipping

A valid SSL cert for securing payments details is unavailable although they claim that the site has been secured using McAfee and WebSafe. Therefore, transacting in this store is at a buyer’s risk with the only available payment option been the use of a credit card.


The fact that they have a single payment method inconveniences some customers who may want an alternative option. As for shipping policy, it covers all countries except some countries found in Asia. They have two shipping methods that comprise a courier delivery service and standard Airmail service. Courier service delivery costs around $30 for it includes tracking of order while Airmail attracts a delivery fee of $10. Where a client is located dictates the delivery time. Hence, for the courier service, it takes 5 to 9 days while the Airmail takes 10-15 days.

Customers’ Reviews

An expeditious hunt for the testimonials on this site yields results because they have several of them. After going through these testimonials 99% of them hold positive reviews. A legit site should contain both negative and positive evaluations basing on how clients feel. Consequently, there’s a possibility that these reviews aren’t genuine.

might be fake

Parting Shot

Its high time shoppers should seek for alternative online drugstores and evade rogue ones like QualityDrugstoreNow24.com. It’s crystal clear that this store doesn’t mean any good to the patients, it’s out there to fraud and secure profits.

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