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In a world that is now very much moving online, many online pharmacies and websites claim that they offer great services and legitimate products at a reasonable and cheaper value. Qxmeds.com is one of the many websites out there that is deemed fraudulent. Find out why QxMeds.com reviews will lead you to a conclusion of scams and fraudulent possibilities. They have been leading their customers with low prices, freebies, and other clickbait promotions.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2019-12-03
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanadian Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number+1-718-487-9792
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

About qxmeds.com

This online pharmacy delivers and distributes high-quality medication throughout the world. They have professionals and a team of experts that ensure quality standards and safe substitutes are used for the generic medicines they produce, distribute to partners, and reach their target customers.

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Their pharmacy website ensures clients can easily access cheaper and reasonably priced alternatives to the branded medicines that many have been used to. You may notice that another catfish or clickbait product for a scam is being introduced as a bestseller on their website. These are the ones: performance enhancement for physical intimacy, weight loss, birth control, diseases or viruses that you can get after physical intimacy, and more.

Shipping and Return Policy

As this qxmeds.com review shows, the medicines offered here are for those experiencing sensitive and otherworldly diseases that need discreet medications. As their policy shows, they use shipping policies that enable you not to track almost immediately your ordered medication as the art of their scapegoat plan.

airmail and Ems

As a scam, they must be a few steps ahead of you to avoid getting caught in their monkey business. They also claim that sometimes they experience many orders and full deliveries, thus getting delays in your orders, but it is a sign that they don’t have any plans on giving you your order since it is already prepaid.

Returning your product may also be a very fraudulent activity since no product was given to you most of the time. The return of these items is handled and applicable to international rules, as they say, and yet again is another plan for their scam as they will have it delayed many times before you can get the order. Having a free delivery for returns is just a front to catch your attention and is a scam at best.

FAQs for qxmeds.com

Here are some clarifications and answered questions about the products being sold on qxmeds.com and a quick countermeasure and reviews for their claims that are a fraudulent act and scam.

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What Generic Medications Are and How It Can Be A Scam

Generic medicines have the same qualifications as their branded counterparts or alternatives. These are medications formulated to have the same effect and medicinal component but are raw material substitutes, thus the lower price. These might be a scam at times since there are higher chances that it can be a placebo effect, and their team may be just getting your money for it.


Testimonials and Comments

The site has shown a series of fake comments and testimonials from fake accounts and names. Not even a legitimate and high form of endorsement is seen in their online pharmacy. Another thing to notice in this scam operation is the highly close-to-perfect rates given to the qxmeds.com reviews. All are almost perfect, which is very concerning about their authenticity.

fake comments

It is mostly scripted, pre-composed, and already set to be commented on in this way to make it seem like it is a legitimate and trustworthy form of online drugstore provider around the world. Remember, it most probably is when things seem too good to be true.

Certifications and Recommendations

One thing is for sure in this qxmeds.com review; there are no certifications or licensing in these operations. It should be the very first thing that their team should have secured when promoting this website overall.

No pharmaceutical licensing, distributing license, or manufacturing license is seen here, and also no recommendations and approvals. Given that their products are generic and alternatives, they should have asked for approval and certification from a higher medical and legal body for claims and legal matters.

Final Review

To finalize, qxmeds.com reviews are a sure scam. Many clickbait material and catfish promotions are given, no certifications and licensing are filed, the testimonials are fake, and the medicines are most definitely a placebo. They have prepared a scapegoat and fallback that align with their scams, such as prepaying their products and needing them to be delivered to a PO Box which is very hard to track and find when concerns arise.

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