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The online pharmacy landscape is considerable, supplying convenience but additionally posing risks. is one such platform that increases concerns approximately its legitimacy and trustworthiness. This evaluation goals to provide an in-depth analysis of, which specializes in various components to empower purchasers with the necessary data for knowledgeable decisions.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2023-08-03
Main Details
Drugstore NameRomannia
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Research

Founded approximately 9 months ago, appears relatively new in the online pharmacy realm. While its registration aligns with application laws, the site’s short existence raises concerns about its credibility and longevity. Further investigation into the domain’s ownership and registration details is warranted to assess its authenticity.

domain info

Business Profile Assessment’s business profile requires meticulous evaluation. Claims regarding suppliers, certifications, and product quality must be scrutinized against external sources like According to its result, the pharmacy is not recommended.

25% of trust

Positive signals, such as a valid SSL certificate and DNSFilter’s safe label, suggest a degree of legitimacy. However, these indicators should not overshadow the need for thorough verification.

Regulatory Approval Analysis

The absence of statistics on regulatory approvals raises red flags. Reputable online pharmacies generally adhere to stringent requirements set by businesses like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the National Association Board of Pharmacy (NABP), and The lack of such affiliations increases issues about’s compliance with regulatory suggestions

not included

Product and Pricing Verification

Authenticity and pricing of products offered by demand verification. Price comparison with reputable sources is essential to ensure consumers are not overcharged. Additionally, assessing product quality is crucial for consumer safety and satisfaction.


The pharmacy claims that it sells affordable medicine. They mostly focus on men’s related pills with different dosage.

Payment and Shipping Methods contains quite several client possibilities by way of providing a choice of delivery and fee options. Major credit and debit cards are regular on the website, offering users a short and secure way to make payments.

Furthermore, Romannia.Com affords shipping services to send goods right to customers’ doorsteps. Customers can select the shipping option that satisfactorily meets their wishes from a choice of:

  • trendy
  • expedited
  • overnight shipping options

Secure payment methods are paramount in online transactions. must provide transparent and secure payment options to protect consumers’ financial information. The reliability and safety of shipping methods should also be evaluated to ensure timely and secure delivery of products. Reviews

While has received some positive reviews, these should be approached with caution. Positive feedback regarding online shopping features and a safe label from DNSFilter may indicate a user-friendly interface but does not guarantee the site’s trustworthiness. It’s imperative to corroborate these reviews with those from reputable platforms like to gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer experiences.


Positive opinions often highlight the consumer-pleasant interface of the website, as well as the convenience of the ordering and charging system. Customers respect the type of drug treatments to be had on the web page, noting that they can find merchandise that may not be without difficulty reachable someplace else. Additionally, advantageous reviews mention the timely delivery of merchandise, with many customers receiving their orders in the promised time frame. 

legal status

However, it’s far crucial to technique these evaluations with warning. Some negative opinions boost concerns approximately the excellent merchandise acquired. Customers have said receiving expired or counterfeit medicines, highlighting the want for thorough verification of product authenticity. Additionally, a few clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service supplied by using, citing difficulties in contacting the help group and resolving troubles with their orders. 

In conclusion, even as has received a few superb opinions regarding its consumer-pleasant interface and product variety, there also are terrible opinions raising concerns about product and customer service. It is beneficial for clients to conduct thorough studies and take into account these critiques carefully earlier than creating a purchase from


In conclusion,’s trustworthiness remains dubious due to its low trust score, lack of regulatory approvals, and relatively short domain age. While positive indicators exist, such as a valid SSL certificate and positive reviews, these should not overshadow the need for thorough verification. 

Consumers are advised to exercise caution and conduct extensive research before engaging with or any online pharmacy with similar characteristics.

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