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interface is a pharmacy which wants you to believe that they are trustworthy and offering high-quality pills. Should you really believe these claims? We investigate what this store is offering, only to find that they seem untrustworthy at every turn.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2017-12-13
CountryUnited States
Main Details
Drugstore NameOnline Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free NumberUS: +1-800-715-5341
UK: +44-203-318-5981
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

A look at the domain name records for this pharmacy shows that they can’t have been in business for very long.

registered in 2017

The site address was less than 2 years ago and this increases the risks of this store being a scam business which should be avoided.

Further supporting this fear, is the fact that the owner has chosen to keep who and where they are out of the records. They are using a domain name privacy service which doesn’t fill us with any confidence that they are a reputable pharmacy business.

Business Contact Information

This pharmacy does provide a business name and address on their contact page. Does it prove that legit?


Unfortunately, this isn’t as good as it might sound and is a business name and address which we have seen many times before on scam pharmacies.

We have found that this is a fake business name and address, there is no official recognition of the company in Government databases that we can find.

This leaves us unable to know which country this business is based in or who the owners are.

Mirror Websites

There are many other pharmacies online which look identical to this store. This isn’t good to find and while they may claim to be the same business, in reality, we have no idea who the real owners of these stores are.

These mirror pharmacies sell the same products at the same prices with the same risks. Just a few of the mirror pharmacies we know of:

Regulatory Approvals

In common with the other mirror pharmacy sites, this store has shows no sign of having any regulatory approval for its operation. This creates great risks for anyone choosing to put their trust in the anonymous owners of this store. Your personal and financial information could be used in ways you haven’t authorized since this pharmacy lacks the rules to ensure safety.


When we look to the findings of LegitScript we can see that they don’t approve of the pharmacy. They give them their lowest rating of a rogue business in violation of the law for where they sell products to.

Medication Offered

The main focus of this pharmacy seems to be for the selling of men’s health drugs even giving away free pills of this sort. They do offer many other treatments which include:

men's health drugs
  • Arthritis pills
  • Hair loss
  • Sleeping aids
  • Pain relief
  • Weight loss meds

They don’t say exactly where the pills are dispensed from, only hinting that they are dispatched from India. They do claim that both generic and brand name pills are sold by this store, but since there is no reassurance about where they are dispensed from there seems to be a great risk of counterfeit meds being sold.

The store seems to make no mention of requiring a prescription for any of the orders made with them. This indicates that they are happy to ignore the potential safety risks which such a stance means to their customers.

Payment and Shipping

Payment is taken care of on a completely different website which is common to the other mirror sites. They will take your money using either Mastercard or Bitcoin. They do also promise that Visa is an option but when you come to pay you find it isn’t currently offered.

Shipping choices are between express mail or airmail. Airmail costs $14.95 with delivery taking up to 4 weeks. Express mail costs $24.95 with delivery in 3 to 8 days, this service also offers a tracking number for packages. Reviews

When we look to the comments found in the reviews page we can see that they don’t differ from the other mirror pharmacy sites and, therefore, are fake.


The use of fake customer testimonials shows that this pharmacy is perfectly happy to lie and misrepresent things to get a sale, showing that it isn’t a good idea to trust them on anything.


Our look at what is offered by this pharmacy has shown us that this is clearly a scam. They don’t let us know who they are or where they are in the world. This means that you will be giving your financial information to, and receiving medication from, an anonymous business in an unknown location. If this all seems very risky, you wouldn’t be wrong.

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