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Found online at, SildaBlue pharmacy is a US-based men’s health store that promotes a single generic drug in the name Sildamax. On its website, the pharmacy promises quality at its pinnacle, as well as a plethora of other services. Our review looks into these claims to verify or dismiss their credibility.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2018-01-19
Main Details
Drugstore NameSilda Blue
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the Database
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

About Domain

The records of the domain name are captured in the database of WhoIs. On 19-01-2018, the drugstore had its domain name registered. This was also the date when the pharmacy started operating. So, both the domain name and pharmacy are a twelvemonth and a half old. Usually, we aren’t fast in endorsing younger pharmacies due to the fact that most of them have been determined to run shady deals. The pharmacy has, however, proved to be a distance from such arrangements. Let’s see what transpires in the other sections below.


Business Profile

Referring to the details on WhoIs, the company has recorded both the name of its owner (Alice Bell) and her location. The owner resides in the United States, and the pharmacy has the same origin, too. Scam pharmacies will not let anyone know their owner’s location.


Delving deeper into the details of the location details provided, the pharmacy hasn’t been precise. The provided address is not available on Google Maps, but thanks to their TruspPilot page that provided us with a more accurate address. After doing a search for this address, it pointed to us towards a residential home in Ontario, USA.

Web Platform

This pharmacy is operated on an unsafe website. However, one thing we liked about the site was the policies of the pharmacy. There’s a “policies” page that directs you to a content which contains rules under which the pharmacy operates. All the rules are clear, and if strictly followed, the pharmacy can offer the best services.

Drug Sold

Only one drug is promoted by this drugstore. The drug is Sildamax. It is offered in its generic form by the pharmacy. A valid prescription is needed before you can order for the drug. The company tells us that it sources this drug from an Asian country, which isn’t specified. Nevertheless, the FDA’s intervention to the pharmacy assures us of the quality of this drug. Also, it is priced lower, as compared to other pharmacies. In fact, you get to save more than 50%.


Regulatory Approvals

Being a pharmacy in the United States, the following are the most famous bodies that we expect to have regulated its operation on the premises and their results:

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  • LegitScript hasn’t yet reviewed the pharmacy
  • NABP doesn’t have the pharmacy in its database
  • ScamAdviser endorses it with a trust rate of 80%

Generally, the pharmacy is still new, and we expect it to get into the databases of the remaining bodies, sooner than later due to its already excellent performance at its current age.

Payment and Shipping

MasterCard is prioritized for payments on the website. Although the web platform is not safe, it redirects you to a secure page during payments. This new checkout platform has a valid SSL certificate and can protect your information from being viewed by online fraudsters.


Two methods are used for delivery. One is an Express Mail and the other a Registered Airmail. The benefit of Express mail over the Airmail is the availability of a tracking number for your order. It also takes fewer days to reach the order to you (10days). Airmail delivers your order in three weeks.

Contact Details

It is excellent that the pharmacy has provided a contact address for customers. We can reach it via a contact card (replied via your email), phone numbers, and emails, which are all provided on the website. Fortunately, the customer care personnel are kind and prompt in action in all the avenues of contact. This is good for the store.


TrustPilot has got some reviews for the pharmacy from valid customers, though not many of them. Most of the customers are pleased with the services received, and this is commendable. Also, some commend the drug, clearly stating that it is an effective one with the right quality.

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A pharmacy’s quality of services and drugs, regulations, customer care, delivery, and history, among others, judge its overall safety. Make it your resort if failed by another.

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