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This review is all about which is a fraud drugstore. Unfortunately, the platform has no approvals and they sell poor quality men’s health medications. Obviously, you should always avoid such a rogue pharmacy site. Also, please read the entire review in order to know more details about them.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2019-04-05
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanadian Pharmacy Shop
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-800-490-06-18
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

Regarding the domain details of this online drugstore, we have certainly found that the domain is quite new. As per the domain registration date, it looks like that the platform started operating their business since 2019-04-05. The domain does not have much longevity and it will be expired by 2020-04-05. The domain details of this pharmacy platform are completely misleading. The domain registrant contact name is given as GKG.NET Domain Proxy Service Administrator. The organization name is mentioned as GKG.NET Domain Proxy Service. The domain owner belongs to some address of US. The domain registrant contact address is PO BOX 1450, City: Bryan, State: TX, Country: US.


Business Profile

The business profile details of this online drugstore look quite suspicious. According to our findings, they have a moderately poor trust score which is around 36%. No proper details about their business owner are mentioned. For example, the business owner name and address are not properly mentioned as well. To be more precise, it is not even mentioned from which location the website is being operated.


The website speed is pretty average. Consolidating these findings, it puts strong doubt on this website as it seems like the platform has purposely hidden their key identities. Basically, when a platform purposely tries to hide their identity, it looks like that it’s a scam platform which is aimed to deceive the customers. Do you now quickly want to check the key details at a glance? Well, if yes, then check the following sections:

  • The business profile looks suspicious
  • The website speed is average
  • No details about the business owner and address are mentioned

Regulatory Approvals

Let’s now have a look at the regulatory approvals. We need to check whether this online drugstore has obtained the required approvals or not. We have used two platforms (CIPA and LegitScript) in order to validate this. According to CIPA, this is not an approved online pharmacy. Being a Canadian pharmacy, it was expected that the website should have the approvals from CIPA. But, in reality, they do not have any approval from CIPA. Likewise, the site is not approved by LegitScript too. Additionally, LegitScript has mentioned that it’s a rogue pharmacy which is running a deceptive business. You can’t really trust them.


Products and Pricing

The pharmacy claims to sell a wide variety of generic medicines. Coming to the type of medicines, here are the common categories, such as antifungal, allergies, diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, women’s health, and men’s health, etc. As already mentioned, these are all generic medications. Plus, they are of very poor quality as these drugs are sourced from unauthorized manufacturers. On top of that, these drug manufacturers have no approvals too.


Payment and Shipping

There are two types of payment methods which this drugstore supports, such as credit cards and bitcoin. You can use Visa or MasterCard in order to place an online order with this drugstore. The platform also offers two shipping methods, for example, EMS shipping and Registered Airmail service.


Delivery Timeline

The delivery timeline is also mentioned on the website of this online drugstore. For EMS shipping, the delivery timeline is mentioned as five-seven business days. And, for Registered Airmail service, the delivery timeline is provided as two-four weeks. However, the delivery timeline can vary based on various external situations.


The website has some reviews posted on their website. These are nothing but manipulated testimonials which are all positive. Hence, you are requested not to believe on these fake testimonials.



To summarize and conclude this review, we should state that can’t be trusted. This is such a rogue drugstore that’s aiming to sell poor quality medicines. They have no approvals too. That’s why we have rated this pharmacy website with a poor rating.

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