Reviews – Are They Really Canadian?

common view is an online drugstore that claims to be a true Canadian business. They are offering medications at affordable prices shipped to your door in under a couple of weeks. But is this pharmacy really a Canadian business, and do they provide a service you should consider? We look into this pharmacy to try to find out.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2018-08-20
Main Details
Drugstore NameTrue Canada Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptUnapproved status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-877-204-1509
Contact Form
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

Reviewing the database entry for this domain name shows that they have only been registered since 2018. This isn’t something good to discover as it makes this pharmacy more likely to be an unreliable store in our experience.

registered in 2018

They are also using a domain privacy service to hide their information from the records. This can be an indication of a less legit pharmacy though it is sometimes used by reputable businesses as well.

Business Profile

The pharmacy gives an address in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately, however, this is only a PO box address and not a real business location. This isn’t an ideal thing to find and could mean that the owners aren’t actually located in Canada as they claim.

Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy does display a couple of seals from regulatory organizations. This should mean that they are operating in a safe manner for their customers and doing things the way they should. When we check with CIPA, by clicking on one of the seals on the site, we can see that they are valid members as they claim.

an active member

This shows that the pharmacy is operating to higher standards, however, this isn’t fully supported by LegitScript. The regulatory organization gives the store an unapproved rating meaning that they haven’t yet checked the store.


Medications Available

The store does provide access to a wide range of products on their site, their prices aren’t the most competitive we see, however.

a wide range

Another issue with this pharmacy is where they dispense their meds from. While the store appears to be a Canadian business, not all of their pill are dispatched from that country.

This is rather unexpected given the name of the store. But the pharmacy makes it clear on their pages that they will dispense from international fulfillment centers and they say that they are fully regulated in the countries they operate from. They don’t offer any information to prove this claim, and this could concern some customers.

Meds are shipped from various countries after they have received your valid prescription, though without any information about the centers involved in this. Pills are dispensed from the following locations along with Canada:

for making an order
  • US and UK
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Mauritius
  • Australia and NZ

They may dispatch from other locations as well, however. They don’t provide information about where the pills are sent from before you decide to make a purchase, which isn’t ideal.

This could suggest a greater risk of unreliable medications finding their way into the supply chain of this pharmacy. Things like this have happened in the past and could happen with this store as well.

Payment Options

The pharmacy directs you to phone them when making a purchase. This may mean that you are unable to complete your purchase entirely online, with your payment information being provided over the phone.

Shipping Choices

The store only offers one method of shipping that will cost you $14.95. This delivery is expected to take 8 to 14 days to arrive with you, though shipping can take longer at the present moment. They only deliver meds to people in the United States for this price though they might dispatch to other destinations if you contact their customer support. Reviews

There is a limited amount of reviews to be found. There is one on the drugstore and a few more on an independent site.

may be manipulated

There are only three customer comments on the independent site, though we can’t see these. We can see that they have an average rating of just 3.3 stars out of 5, which shows that customers aren’t completely happy with the service provided by the store.


This online pharmacy offers a mixed bag of factors, on the one hand, they do have good regulatory approval and correctly require prescriptions from their customers. On the other hand, we don’t know much about the business behind the store or where the drugs are dispatched from.

There are some better choices available online than this drugstore.

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