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common view claims to be an online pharmacy with medication delivery available in the United States and the United Kingdom. In fact, their website claims to have high-quality generic medication that will cost you lower than the major brands. Moreover, their website is not as professional as other websites, but it’s designed to appear professional. Learn more by reading the details below to find out how TrustMedOnlineNow is scamming their customers.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2017-03-17
CountryUnited States
Main Details
Drugstore NameTrust Med Online
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-800-532-48-08
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Business Profile

Their website has been established for 9 years, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had their share of complaints or bad customer reviews. Most of its business profile is self-promotion. They go on to talk about how safe their medications are and how they’re a reputable website, online pharmacy provider. Moreover, according to whois info, they registered their domain just 2 years ago.

registered in 2017

However, when digging deeper into their website, customers find that they include a lot of information that’s used by scam pharmacy websites to promote their medication. According to the business profile, customers are advised to beware of TrustMedOnlineNow to save time and money.

In fact, if you want to protect your health, you have to be aware of what their website is actually promoting.


TrustMedOnlineNow only claims their plants from India are FDA approved. They don’t mention anything about their generic medication certification or approval. In fact, their only certification of compliance is with the Drugs and Cosmetics of India.


Unfortunately, that does very little for the people n the United States and the United Kingdom that are buying their medication. Because of their lack of CIPA and Federal Drug Administration certification, it appears their generic medication list is not safe for the public.


Again, their website claims to have a huge list of low-cost generic drugs for a considerable amount of illnesses and ailments. A few of their medications include:

men's health drugs
  • Allergies
  • Antidepressants
  • Eye care
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Birth control
  • Women’s health

Patients appear to be able to get a generic drug for their medical needs, but they aren’t certified. Patients are putting their health at risk by buying their medication from TrustMedOnlineNow24. Thus, they have a wide range of generic medication, but the public should steer clear from ordering medication from them.


The pricing at TrustMedOnlineNow appears to have great prices on their medication because this is one of the ways they lure customers in to shop with their online pharmacy. In fact, they also have a bonus opportunity listed on their website. If you buy a certain amount of medication, customers are supposed to be given a bonus opportunity.

They list the price of their medication per prescription which makes it seems like their costs are low. Patients should be aware of prices that appear to be low without doing their research on the validity of the online pharmacy they’re buying medication from because it can endanger their health.

Payment and Delivery

free of charge

Their billing method is supposed to be RX approved and GEOtrusted, but a lot of scam pharmacy websites have the same certification. They accept a variety of payments including credit, debit, and ACH, but not bitcoins.

As far as delivery, they don’t deliver internationally, but they do offer shipment options in the US and UK by Courier mail, Standard, and UPS.

Customer Reviews

Unlike other scam online pharmacy websites, they don’t list their ratings on their website. Nothing about their website appears to be legit.


You can find customer reviews on their website, but they don’t appear to be from actual customers. Their reviews appear to be fake. They don’t have any legit reviews. How can customers speak highly of an online pharmacy that doesn’t have the proper certification or approvals?

If you go to other legit review websites, they have several negative comments about their payment system, customer service, and delivery options.


If you value your health and the safety of your loved ones, you will stay away from They are not a reputable online pharmacy and seem to be taking money from their customers by providing low-quality medication that doesn’t seem to promote the health and wellness of their customers.

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