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Some scam websites put extra effort into appearing legitimate. They may provide fake staff details. You may also find research articles on the website. It is hard to check the authenticity of these websites if you are new. We have made it easy for you as we will guide you to find the legitimacy of a website. You can check the website homepage. As they provide medical supplies related to men’s health on the homepage, it is not a legitimate website. UrlPharma.com is one of the websites that can trick you into believing that they are doing business legitimately. When you check the detailed information in this article, finding the scam websites will become easy.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2007-06-19
Main Details
Drugstore NameURL Pharma
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-888-524-7141
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain information

The domain was registered on 19-06-2007. One may think that the company has several years of experience. The truth is the opposite because they do not have extensive experience.

registered in 2007

They have purchased an old domain to run the new business and there is no address and contact information on the domain information page. Scam websites hide their contact and address as they do not want to get sued for scamming people. The websites doing illegal business also use the same method.

Business profile

You will find many attractive terms on the website. They have a generic division, technology section, and research articles.

men's related pills

When you look for detailed information, you will find all the products related to men’s health. They do not have a license to dispense the medical supplies. It makes their business illegal. If you buy medicines from an illegal company, you may face legal issues.


They have a section on licensing on the homepage. We were expecting to see a facility license copy. They have not provided any facility license.


They claim to help you get the license for your medicines.

This claim is false as a company cannot provide a license without accreditation. There was no information about the accreditation on the website. We checked all the website pages.


When you buy from urlpharma.com, you will not get FDA-approved medicines. They deal with generic brands that are not registered in the US. As these brands are not available in the US, there is no guarantee of product safety. You may face legal issues for dealing with an illegal business.

stock picture

They have details of the pharmacist staff on the website as the name, education details, and staff experience are available on the page. We confirmed the staff details from the other firms. It was evident that they provided false staff details.

Payment methods

They have not provided the payment method details. We followed the product buying process to get to the payment page. The website is using the same payment domain as many other scam websites. They will not collect the payment on the same domain. It is a way to scam people.

discounts and free shipping

You cannot do anything when the website takes your payment because you have not paid on the same website. They only accept Visa, Diner, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express credit cards.

Customer reviews

There was no section for the testimonials on the homepage. When we added the product to the cart, a new button appeared at the top of the page. We checked the customer reviews. There was no review in the current year. All reviews were dated January 2020. It is the same as many other scam websites.


We can conclude that the website has fake reviews. We need to check on a trusted website like the Trustpilot. There are no reviews on the Trustpilot. Zero reviews on the Trustpilot after years of experience is impossible. The website has purchased the old domain.

Service process

You can go to the homepage and add the products to the cart. The website will take you to a new domain when you press the checkout button. The checkout button is present on the cart page. You can add your address and card details to the new website domain. They will send you medicines after they receive the payment.


We can conclude that this website is a scam. It is hard to analyze this website because the company has focused on looking legitimate. We will give this website only a low rating due to the unavailability of licenses and false staff information.

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