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common view is an online drugstore that supplies medicine to its customers worldwide. It markets itself based in the USA and services its customers around the place. It claims to be selling generic drugs with no proof. You can see a phone number and an email address on the top left part of this website. This online does not look legit, so we conducted our research and came up with the following information.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2018-06-21
Main Details
Drugstore NameUSA Services
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-888-424-4908
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

The domain of this drugstore shows that it was first registered back on 21st June 2018, received an update on 18th June 2021. This is expected to expire on 20th June 2021. If you can go ahead and check the “About us” page, you cannot find much information on how long it has been operating.

registered in 2018

All they can tell you is that they sell drugs at many affordable prices than any other drugstores found in the world. This signifies that it is unwilling to be open and transparent about its operations. So, this makes it a doubtful online drugstore than it is legit. Most legit stores are always proud to show off their information, but this is not the case with this online drug store.

Business Profile

Each time you check its business profile, we see that the location of this website’s contact is based in Panama. Moreover, this business is registered under a nonrelated company called 1API GmbH, currently located in Germany. This raises so many doubts about the conflict it brings out. The loopholes in this company make it so difficult to know who owns this pharmacy.

1% of trust

If you look at Scamadviser, it receives a trust score of only 1%. This lower trust score arises because it could be a scam website. Moreover, this drugstore has not yet received any approvals from NABP.

Regulatory Approvals

Any operating drugstore must receive some approvals before even starting its operations. This is because these online drugstores sell medicine to be consumed by buyers in one form or the other. However, this online pharmacy has not received any regulatory bodies. This indicates that this store is not legit but rather a scam.


When we checked on LegitScript, it was labeled as one of the rogue online drugstores. This is because it is currently operating, yet it has not received any verification or approvals.

Products and pricing

This online drugstore deals with selling men’s related pills that treat any pain, desire, or any other issues or problems. They claim that they sell reasonably priced drugs that are affordable to everyone. Also, they offer discounts of $10 for each order during summer bonus specials.

popular drugs

Payment and Shipping

Each time we tried accessing this website, we had an “access denied” pop-up. This means that whoever is behind this website has limited access to this online drugstore website. Therefore, we cannot develop any information about the modes of payment that it accepts.

visa and mastercard

If you check the “About us” page, it says that it accepts credit cards and does not specify any processing companies. We found information on how it ships its products. It claims that it offers free shipping that usually takes about 14-21 days.

Customer Reviews

We never found any third-party reviews on the internet about this online drugstore. The reason behind all this could be that most people do not widely access it. In addition, we could not find any relevant information on the feedbacks being hosted directly by the pharmacy website.

no comments

This erases some doubts because it never tried to manipulate any feedback like other scam drugstores. However, some inaccuracies have been included.


In conclusion, we can say that is a rogue store that is hard to understand because it has not received any verification or approvals from any relevant authority. It has not publicized its information on who owns this business and the operators.

Moreover, it does not clearly state if it fulfills the promises they make to their customers. What’s more, it becomes so hard to trust a drugstore that is never transparent, just as is the case with this pharmacy. This makes it one of the scam drugstores you can find in the market nowadays. From the above information that we found.

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