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If you are searching for a legit and trustworthy e-pharmacy for buying your favorite medicines you have come to the right place. Wellonapharma.com is an online global exporting and manufacturing company for high-quality medicines. Your search has ended here because we will expose every detail of this website and give you the information you are searching for. For more information, continue reading. 

Domain Details
Date of Registry2016-10-26
Main Details
Drugstore NameWellona Pharma
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number+91-749-004-1245
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information 

Domain information gives the reader an exact idea about the authenticity of a website. By running WHOIS lookup, we can look at the domain age of this website. According to the WHOIS lookup, this e-pharmacy has successfully registered with the domain called GoDaddy.com, LLC.

registered in 2016

Wellonapharma.com was first registered on October 26, 2016, and its last update was on September 09, 2022, and its’ renewal date is October 26, 2025. The domain age is six years from now and is expected to be there in the future. 

Business Profile 

The business profile for Wellonapharma.com can find out by searching for the validity of this pharmacy through scamadviser.com. According to the data extracted from this, the owner of this pharmacy is kept hidden to avoid any scammers. However, the organization’s name is Domains By Proxy, LLC. This company is using its domain name from the US, but it is operated from Surat, India.

high trust

According to the ratings of this website on scamadviser.com, it has a 100 percent trust score, which means it is a legit e-pharmacy.  

Regulatory Approval   

There are only 63 websites that are a member of the CIPA certificate. Unfortunately, They claim to be a legitimate website but they are not registered as a CIPA member. Many online pharmacies are running, but they do not have any approval from authority agencies same case with Wellonapharma.com. It is not a legitimate website. 

lots of certifications

If we run the search on Legit Script about this pharmacy, the result is a bit unexpected because they do not have any information about this website whether it is a rogue or a legit website. Although the website shares its certificates of ISO and FDCA there is no certification information present on the website.

So, this gives a clear idea the website does not have a regulatory seal and approval from agencies which means purchasing from here can be confusing.

Product and Pricing

The products bought from this website are high-quality products having multiple ranges of products, including tablets, capsules, syringes, sprays, ointments, etc. Name it, and you have it. They are dealing with a variety of products at good rates. This website also comes with discounts and coupon codes often for their customers to attract a large audience. 

tablets, drops, injection

Payment and Shipping Methods

After selecting the medicine of your choice, you can have the option to inquire about the product. In the enquire section, Users are prompted to fulfill their details in the form section. Unfortunately, the website does not have any information about their payment and shipment policy.

A person cannot order from this website unless and until he has a very big order to supply for pharmacies. This website is not for a normal individual looking for prescribed medicines.

WellonaPharma.com Reviews

Customer reviews give the best idea about the authenticity of a website. The customers can find brief information about a product using other customer reviews and have an idea of whether they should buy a product or not. It is quite shocking if we run a search on trustpilot.com, there are no reviews to be seen on it.

no comments

However, the website shares reviews from its customers about the website, and all of them are positive. It reflects the thought that maybe those reviews are purchased. 


To summarize, This website is a safe place to buy products like medicines and other drugs. This website deals with multiple categories of drugs and is famous for its high-quality products. However, there is no evidence this website got approval from authorities’ agencies, but it has an SSL(secure socket layer) certificate and still exists till its creation which means it is a secure website, and the customer won’t be lost their informative data. 

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