What Is The Best Pharmacy?

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Many people expect to get their prescription medication from a high-quality pharmacy that adheres to regulated safety guidelines. Technology has paved the way for the popularity of online pharmacy services and created an open space for the use of tele-pharmacy services. According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, “45% of 1.5 million Americans that use online pharmacy services are older adults with insurance.” With the threat online pharmacies can have on older adults, knowing how to choose a top pharmacy is essential to patient safety and wellness. The following post discusses what characteristics to look for in the best pharmacy.

Licensed Pharmacist

A pharmacist must adhere to strict standards including licensing. A top pharmacy will also have a pharmacist available to answer important questions about medication. A licensed pharmacist should be available at both a brick and mortar and online pharmacy. With a licensed pharmacist, patients won’t get legitimate information on the use and side effects of a specific medication. A licensed pharmacist is one of the valuable characteristics to look for in a top pharmacy.


Proper Accreditation

The best pharmacy will always have recognized and valid accreditation. Also known as accreditation organizations, popular groups like the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation sets standards and guidelines for a pharmacy. Accreditation is designed to keep the patient safe and provide a level of care. Accreditation sets pharmacy standards that include:

CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, VIPPS
  • Care compliance
  • HIPPA privacy regulations
  • Medication compliance
  • Patient experience
  • Quality of service

Each accreditation organization will have its own unique set of standards. However, federal and government pharmacy regulations set basic standards that both traditional and online pharmacies must follow. To find a top pharmacy, search for and research their accreditation.

Accepts Insurance

In tough economic times, many people rely on insurance to cover the cost of prescribed medication. A pharmacy that accepts insurance is under government or federal regulation and saves the customer money. Insurance is a great way to identify a good pharmacy that can meet your needs.

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Ask the pharmacy about their insurance options in advance to save time and money on prescription medicine. Many online scam pharmacy websites will only accept debit, credit, or check card to gain access to the patient’s financial information. A quality pharmacy will have several convenient payment options available.

Customer Support

It’s essential for a traditional and online pharmacy to offer customer support. Customer Support should be able to address technical error(s), answer basic questions, and concerns about medicine. Look for a pharmacy that has details about its customer service clearly visible for patient use. Most pharmacies utilize pharmacy technicians and have a licensed pharmacist available to monitor and regulate the distribution of medicine.

In some cases, the pharmacist will act as a customer support expert to answer questions and concerns about medicine. It’s also important for a good pharmacy to have a responsive customer support team.

Utilizes The Latest Technology

The pharmacy industry is always changing and relying on new operational and delivery techniques. The best pharmacy will use the latest technology to improve the customer experience, protect the information, improve productivity, decrease the chances of error and more.

By utilizing technology, a pharmacy is willing to invest in its pharmaceutical practices too. In fact, the right technology can make it easier for technicians to safely distribute medication. Interactive technology is also essential because it allows the patient to also utilize technology. A simple SMS message can help a customer keep track of their prescription.

Authentic Medicine

Substituting counterfeit medicine with authentic prescription drugs can have a devastating impact on public health and safety. A quality pharmacy will be verified and offer medicine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To find the best online pharmacy, it’s best to know the difference between fake and authentic medicine.

a seal

A local pharmacy may carry generic medicine, but it’s usually approved by the FDA and is safe to use according to your prescribed dosage. Look for a seal of authenticity on your medicine bottle or ask your pharmacy for details about the validity of a specific medicine.

Online Reviews

Word of mouth is always a great way to get a referral to a good pharmacy. A friend or relative that has had a bad experience with a pharmacy is less likely to return. A verified pharmacy reviews 2020 website is a secure option for finding out specific details about a pharmacy.

third-party websites

These pharmacy review websites are free and can be accessed through your PC, tablet, or mobile device. Simply visit the review website, out the pharmacy name in the search box, and get instant details about the validity, customer care, and customer views about a particular pharmacy. Some review websites offer a list of the top local and online pharmacies.

Look For Quality Characteristics When Choosing A Pharmacy

Choosing the right pharmacist can take time and an understanding of important characteristics. Dealing with the distribution of medicine can be a fast-paced industry for a pharmacy, but understanding how to find a quality provider can keep you safe. Whether you choose a traditional or online pharmacy, finding a licensed provider that’s able to meet your needs can save time and money. An online pharmacy can easily appear authentic, but be a fraudulent medicine distribution website.

Take a look at the short video clip below to discover more details on how to understand your pharmacy RX label:

Each pharmacy has a responsibility to their patients and the organizations governing their network. A good pharmacy will encourage you to stay healthy and direct you on the best way to take your medication. Shop around for a good pharmacy based on your needs. A traditional pharmacy may work for some while others choose to utilize an online pharmacy, but they both should have the same characteristics to ensure the safety and well being of their customers.

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