Danger Of Antibiotics Overdose

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Many people don’t believe it’s possible to overdose on antibiotics because patients are given a recommended dose for a specified period of time. However, when people take antibiotics that aren’t prescribed to them an increased risk of overdose will occur. Unfortunately, overprescribing antibiotics has also led to another way people can overdose on antibiotics. Today in 2018, there were 258.9 million oral antibiotics prescribed in America. Keep reading more details below to learn more about the dangers of an antibiotic overdose for both children and adults.

Why Are Antibiotics Prescribed?

Antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial infections and bacteria. In fact, antibiotics are not prescribed for a viral infection and resistance to antibiotics increases the chances of other infections including an ear infection, pneumonia, and/or a sinus infection.

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Bacterial Infections: Bacteria acts as a single cell and exists as a living organism. A bacterial infection will occur when bacteria invades the body, multiplies, and inhibits the body’s functions. Not all bacteria are harmful and actually help the body. If harmful bacteria enter the body, antibiotics are prescribed. Antibiotics are also known as bacterium.

Viruses like the common cold must run their course.

How Are Antibiotics Over Prescribed?

There are 47 million unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics prescribed each year. For example, many people will visit their doctor for a sore throat, but a sore throat can be a result of allergies or a virus that antibiotics cannot treat. Other ailments that aren’t curable by antibiotics are also responsible for the over-prescription data. In an effort to get well, patients may ask for the drug or a doctor will prescribe it before they get back the patents test results resulting in antibiotics being overprescribed.

What Are Effects Of Antibiotics Being Over Prescribed?

An antibiotic overdose has a different impact on children and adults. Children have a greater effect of overdosing on antibiotics because their immune system is still developing.


Adults will experience resistance to antibiotics making it harder or impossible to fight bacteria. Resistance also commonly occurs in adults for taking antibiotics that are not prescribed to them. There are strong warnings against taking any prescription that’s prescribed to someone else to avoid resistance or an antibiotic overdose. More importantly, taking antibiotics too long can also build a resistance or cause an overdose.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported, “antibiotic resistance as a health concern.” Low-income impoverished communities around the world suffer the greatest impact of antibiotic resistance. When bacteria that can be treated by antibiotics hit these areas a resistance leaves them highly vulnerable to disease.

When Do I Know I’m Abusing Antibiotics?

  • taking unprescribed antibiotics for future illnesses
  • stopping and restarting a full course treatment
  • pressuring your doctor for a prescription
  • taking leftover antibiotics
  • talk to your doctor

How to avoid An Antibiotic Overdose?

Parents and children can protect themselves from an overdose by using the same tips for recognizing the abuse of antibiotics. The best way to protect you or your child from an overdose is by taking your medicine as prescribed and talking to your doctor about any concerns. If you take your child to the doctor for an illness, don’t always expect antibiotics. A doctor can address any issues that you may have and answer your questions about an antibiotic overdose or resistance.


However, the worst thing a doctor can do is prescribe antibiotics for an illness that has no impact from its use including the flu (e.g. influenza), bronchitis, coughing, stomach flu, and most sinus infections.

Remember, when patients take antibiotics for a viral infection, it won’t cure the infection. Taking antibiotics for a viral infection causes the body to fight off good bacteria or ones that aren’t causing any harm.

How To Safely Get Antibiotics?

Many online pharmacies offer a safe alternative to fill a prescription for antibiotics. Online pharmacy reviews are a great way to determine how other customers are dealing with a pharmacy. There are several online pharmacy reviews 2020 websites that can effectively help you fill your antibiotics prescription.


An online pharmacist associated with the pharmacy can also address your questions or concerns about overdosing or resistance. It’s important for patients to know the advantages and dangers of antibiotics to protect their health.

A reputable online pharmacy will only offer authentic antibiotics with a prescription. Quality antibiotics is a cure that can greatly improve your health.

Buying your antibiotics online can save patients both time and money. Patients have the option of getting their medication discreetly shipped to their door. Most form of payment is also accepted for convenient purchasing options. Check out the list of available antibiotics and their types before you actually fill your prescription for the best results to your health.

Always Take Antibiotics Responsibly

Doctors lack the tools to diagnose many illnesses before a treatment option is prescribed. This causes many antibiotics to be overprescribed and patients to overdose. Every illness does not benefit from antibiotics. Many people expect antibiotics from their doctors without a clear diagnosis of their symptoms. You should only expect antibiotics if they can cure your current bacterial infection. You should always be thoroughly assessed and treated by a doctor to preserve or improve your health.

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Are Antibiotics Safe To Use?

If used correctly, antibiotics are always safe to use to treat many illnesses. An antibiotic overdose can have many health consequences. In order to avoid an overdose, it’s important to have a valid prescription, take the entire dosage, and never take another individual prescription for antibiotics.

Antibiotics continue to be very beneficial for improving the lives of its users and an antibiotic overdose can be avoided. Keeping down resistance is also important to protect the health and physical body of millions of users around the world. Taking antibiotics doesn’t have to be a threat to the lives of its users by a potential overdose with the proper prescription and usage.

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