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Today, many people are looking for ways to save on expensive prescription drugs. More importantly, patients want to avoid those long drop-off and pick-up lines at a land-based pharmacy in their area. Online pharmacies quickly became popular, giving patients the opportunity to have medicine shipped directly to their door.

However, there are several prescription drug providers that miss the mark and put their customers’ health at risk. Rogue pharmacies are one of those such online pharmaceutical providers with a bad wrap. Discover the truth about Rogue pharmacies and how they continue to harm the prescription drug community.

What Are Rogue Pharmacies?

Rogue pharmacies distribute potentially dangerous drugs to US residents. Many patients have a hard time spotting fake pharmaceutical online providers. Unfortunately, they offer extremely low prices to entice customers into shopping with their website. Throughout the pharmaceutical company, the FDA continues to warn consumers about Rogue pharmacies.

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In fact, they intentionally sell unsuspecting customers harmful or illegal medication, They get away with it by quickly creating another website with the same fraudulent information. It’s very important to know what to look for when avoiding rogue pharmacies online. Here’s what to look for to spot a potentially hazardous online pharmacy:

  • Unbelievable discounts
  • Extremely low prices
  • Free pill offers

It’s important to say not all online pharmacies that offer these discount opportunities are a scam, but most of them aren’t legit.

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Rogue pharmacies will go as far as mislabeling their medication, selling adulterated or counterfeit medicine. When you’re buying medication online, you want to know they’re safe and regulated by the approved governing authorities.

The FDA is responsible for approving and banning medication that’s intended for Americans. A few networks like rogue pharmacies distribute medication through fraudulent websites and undermine the efforts of the FDA.

Always be on the lookout for potentially hazardous websites that can impact your finances and your health. A clear indication that you’re dealing with a Rogue pharmacy includes:

  • No verifiable contact information
  • Don’t fill prescriptions through a licensed pharmacy
  • No personal and financial information security
  • Don’t sell real medication
  • Doesn’t require a prescription

Unlike traditional legitimate pharmacies, this is almost always an indication that you’re purchasing medication from a dangerous website. In fact, some websites will claim to have a doctor that can write you a prescription for the medication you need. This is very dangerous and not a common practice for online pharmacies.

Consequences Of Making A Purchase With A Rogue Pharmacy

The biggest potential hazard of purchasing medication from a Rogue pharmacy is to your health. As the industry continues making a digital transition, Rogue pharmacies appear to be springing up everywhere. Many online pharmacies will claim to be Canadian because they usually sell their medication to the United States as a trusted resource with discounted prices. The safest way is to know what you’re looking for in a legitimate and fraudulent online pharmacy provider. Don’t risk your health avoiding the warning signs indicated above. Getting hit financially by one of these websites can costs you thousands of dollars.

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Online websites are a small industry, but it’s hard to rule out rogue websites because they’re quickly forming on the internet. When you’re looking for a pharmacy, they can appear in almost any search. The FDA continues to have a hard time stamping out these websites and it’s hard to hold them accountable when consumers lost money, become ill, or suffer death as a result of counterfeit medication. In some cases, patients have complained about receiving nothing at all which causes consumers to lose out on millions of dollars each year.

Other Important Signs To Look For With An Online Rogue Pharmacy Website

Domain Registration

Patients should always look for the domain registration on a pharmacy website and check the date. and

The date is a clear indication of how long an online pharmacy has been running under that domain name and lend to their credibility. For example, a website that claims to have years of experience, but has only be established for a short period of time is likely to be a scam.

Documented Approvals

Documented approvals are an important part of the validity and safety of an online pharmacy website. If they’re not licensed this can pose a threat to your health and wellness and even cause death. Without the proper regulation standards, there’s no direct official to govern the medication that is delivered through a rogue online pharmacy. CIPA is one of the major licensed providers of online pharmaceutical companies.

Third-Party Website Reviews

Third-party reviews are a great way to find out about the level of customer service satisfaction that is associated with a particular online pharmacy. Never trust the reviews listed on a website if they don’t come from a third-party resource. Most on-site reviews are fake. The rise in online pharmacies has caused many brick and mortar pharmaceutical companies to create an online presence.

trustpilot, yelp, repdigger

The best way to avoid a rogue website is by filling your prescriptions or getting OTC medicine from a brand name provider. However, if you’re looking to save a little money with an alternative retailer, diligently check the background of the online pharmacy you choose.

For every one legitimate online pharmaceutical company, 3 rogue websites will appear. Rogue websites are a scam and take money from unsuspecting consumers while threatening their health. They should be avoided at all costs and reported to the appropriate authorities when it’s necessary.

You’re invited to check out the brief video below to find out more details on how to find a safe online pharmacy:

How To Find A Safe Online Pharmacy


Despite the best efforts of the FDA and consumers, rogue pharmacy websites will still exist and attempt to sell counterfeit medication to consumers. There are pharmaceutical companies that operate under safe and regulated standards. Rogue websites offer to sell your medication at a discounted rate, but you should know how to avoid them.

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