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There’s absolutely no doubt that online pharmacies have garnered huge popularity among the European customers. According to the current trends, many customers are preferring to purchase the required drugs from an internet drugstore, rather than buying those medicines from the physical outlets. So, what’s the reason behind such overwhelming popularity of online drugstores in Europe?

Well, to be very straight-forward, people have been more dependent on the internet and technologies nowadays.


Instead of ordering the drugs from a physical store and then collecting the ordered medications, it really becomes a more convenient and hassle-free experience when you order them online. Isn’t it? Well, this is one of the most primary reasons behind the popularity of internet pharmacies in Europe. There are a bunch of other reasons too which you need to know. So, keep reading this article and you will reveal more details about the topic in the following sections.

Popularity of Online Drugstores in Europe: Reveal the Reasons

Hassle-free Experience

Rather than visiting a local store or standing in a long queue, it’s always recommended to purchase the products from a reliable online store for a hassle-free experience. The same logic holds absolutely true when it comes to buying the required prescription medicines. That’s why European customers are preferring to order prescription drugs online to ensure a hassle-free experience.


What’s more, these online drugstores even extend the provision of doorstep delivery too. As a result, you can conveniently receive the ordered medications while sitting at the comfort of your house. To ensure the on-time delivery, just make sure to provide the correct address at the time of placing the orders. Needless to mention, these online drugstores have made partnerships with many renowned courier companies. Most of the courier companies share a tracking number for your order using which you can always track your order and take appropriate action (if needed).

More Discounts and Best Offers

It has been found that most of these online pharmacies extend more discounts than physical stores. Well, it’s a marketing trick using which the internet pharmacy owners are trying to persuade more buyers to place online orders with their platforms.


If you are planning to purchase some prescription medications for you or your family members, do not forget to double-check the rate on the website of popular internet drugstores in Europe. Chances are there that you will find them at a relatively lower and more reasonable rate on an internet pharmacy. In this context, if you are searching for the best and most reliable European online pharmacies, then please do not forget to check our drugstore reviews 2019.


Apart from the discounted pricing, the internet pharmacies also provide you many lucrative offers, such as free shipping after a certain order value, extra pills on a purchase, more discounts on the repeat purchases, subscription offers, referral bonus offers, and more. Please find the snapshots of some of the lucrative offers that are typically extended by the online pharmacies.

Online Payment System

Forget about the hassle of paying with cash! If you place an order for the required medications from an online pharmacy, you should be able to use different types of online payment methods. For example, most of these internet drugstores in Europe support card-based transactions. You can use credit cards or debit cards in order to place an order with them. What’s more, some of them even support other payment systems or options, such as Paypal, ACH, Wire transfer, and cash on delivery.


The key points are summarized below:

  • Convenient and hassle-free experience
  • Better price
  • Better discounts
  • Availability of various online payment methods
  • Home delivery

With this, you have revealed the reasons behind the popularity of European online pharmacies. Also, you are requested to check our drugstore reviews 2019.


Well, it’s really important to validate whether a pharmacy is a legit and reliable one before purchasing any medicine from them. Unfortunately, not every online pharmacy is worth your trust. In fact, many of these internet drugstores are running a deceptive business and they are purposely selling fake and poor quality medicines. Thus, you really need to beware of them. Luckily, there are some proven ways using which you can check and validate whether a European online pharmacy is safe or not.

How to Check if an Online European Pharmacy is Legit or Not?

Check their Domain Info

It’s important to check whether the online pharmacy owns a valid domain or not.

who is

You can easily check the domain registration, expiry, and last update date from WhoIs. From the domain registration date, you should be able to calculate the total experience of that platform. In this way, you can determine whether it’s an experienced platform or it’s just a newbie.

Check their Business Profile and Trust Score

Just like the domain info, you can even check the business profile of an online drugstore too.

scam adviser

For this check, you are needed to visit ScamAdviser >> enter the website of the online pharmacy >> click on Search. If it’s a legit online drugstore, then it should have a high trust score. On the contrary, if it’s a rogue online pharmacy, then it should have a low or moderate trust score.

Check If It Has the Approvals

You must also check whether the drugstore has the required approvals or not.

legit script

Since this is all about European online pharmacies, they should ideally have MHRA approval. Additionally, you might need to check whether the pharmacy is approved by LegitScript or not. If the pharmacy is approved by both LegitScript and MHRA, then it’s most probably a legit and reliable online pharmacy of Europe which you can trust.

Check If It Has Positive Customer Reviews

Also, you can check whether the platform has received real-time customer reviews or not.

trust pilot

By checking the customer reviews, you should be able to understand whether you can trust this internet drugstore or you should avoid the site. To find the real-time customer reviews, you are recommended to check TrustPilot.


With this, you have found some of the key reasons behind the popularity of online drugstores in Europe. But, before purchasing any medicines from them, you are highly recommended to analyze the aforementioned four parameters. Once you are convinced that the website is safe and reliable, then only you can go ahead and order your prescription medicines from them. To know more about the legit online pharmacies, kindly check drugstore reviews 2019.


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