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common view is an all-inclusive drugstore that sells OTC (over the counter), brand name and generic drugs. These drugs are sold at reasonable prices for all their customers across the globe. They offer quality products and services that have enabled them to sail through all odds. Further, a customer is able to save at least 80% when shopping there for all their products are pocket-friendly. Our investigation into this store found that it’s a reliable pills retailer that should be trusted. However, before concluding, it’s necessary to go through what entails.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2012-02-23
CountryIndia, US
Main Details
Drugstore NameOffshore Cheap Meds
Regulatory Approvals
Contact Info
Free Number1-888-414-6679
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

The available domain records show that this platform was registered back in the year 2012 by the easyDNS Technologies, Inc. The registrant was Marc Home who operates under TVB healthcare Pvt. Ltd. This store has been around for several years now that rules out any possibility of being a rogue website. Most scam websites operate for a short period before vanishing into a thin air.


Business Profile

This platform has provided all details in the domain records, unlike scam websites that use a privacy service to conceal their details. For instance, they have provided the business name and the physical location address that are essential when looking for this store.


The address appears to belong to a group of companies that have been linked with outlandish business practices in the past. Nevertheless, this is a thing to expect from such an offshore business that doesn’t have a real location. The business name (TVB Group International) isn’t in the Isle of Man Government database although it’s available in the database of the UK Government’s Companies. However, we can give them a benefit of doubt by assuming that they are in India where the domain name was registered. All queries are forwarded to their customer support team via toll-number (+1-888-414-6679), email ([email protected]) or live chat.

Regulatory Approvals

This store boasts a PharmacyChecker seal that shows that it dispenses drugs from a registered pharmacy. Various mechanisms have been put in place to secure a user’s personal and financial information. Further, the website claims to be the best Canadian online pharmacy but unavailable in the CIPA database. CIPA only approves and certifies safe online pharmacies. LegitScript has looked into this pharmacy and concluded that it’s a rogue pharmacy that cannot be trusted. Therefore, despite standing out in some areas, there’s something to worry about the store.


Products and Pricing

The store has a wide range of medications that are categorized according to the ailment they treat. Some of these prescriptions include antibiotics, antivirals, pain relievers, and many others. Always, a valid doctor’s prescription is required when buying any drug from this store. This is to ensure that the right dosage is determined and also eliminate drug misuse. An example of their best-selling drugs include:

  • Xifaxan
  • Prozac
  • Avodart
  • Asacol
  • Januvia

They offer some of the best prices that are uncommon in most legit businesses. Discounts and coupons are also given depending on the total cost of an order.

Payments and Shipping

The agreeable modes of payments are credit cards and E-check used by US customers only. When a customer chooses to use a wire transfer service when paying a 5% discount is offered. At the moment, they have several shipping methods that cover all global destinations. They have standard shipping that costs $12 and faster shipping that costs $20. DHL express delivery is used in some selected countries whereby it attracts a delivery charge of $69.95.


Delivery Time

The standard shipping takes around 3 weeks while the faster shipping takes 12 business days for a package to get to the indicated destination.

Customers’ Feedbacks

There are several reviews featured on this website that give a five-star rating. Around 99% of them seems genuine for they even mention some of the staff members and the business name. Although these reviews seem to be on other websites, there’s a possibility that they have been copied from this site. Most of these other websites are believed to be rogue for they copy-paste reviews from legit websites.

great rating

Conclusion has more positives that outdo the negative ones. It has an accreditation from the PharmacyChecker, it dispatches pills from a notable pharmacy and also embraces transparency. Therefore, we award them a good rating.

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