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Are you looking for safe and legit online Canadian pharmacies? Of course, online drugstores give you an incredible opportunity to browse through the prescription medications so easily and seamlessly and help you place the orders with them (whenever you need to purchase the required prescription medications). Nevertheless, you need to beware of fake and fraudulent internet pharmacies which may try to deceive you by selling poor quality medicines. But, don’t worry anymore as this comprehensive article will guide you on how to find out whether an online Canadian pharmacy can be relied or not. Thus, please keep checking the following sections and reveal more information. Also, for more details, you are requested to check pharm store reviews 2019.

Three Ways to Spot Out If a Canadian Drugstore Is Legit or Not

CIPA Approval

This is the first and foremost factor. The best way to validate whether a Canadian drugstore is safe and legit or it’s unreliable and rogue is possible through this factor. Have you heard about CIPA i.e. Canadian International Pharmacy Association? If not, then please check the following images in order to know more details about them.

safe company

CIPA was founded in the year of 2002 which is a third party regulative authority that provides the approval to Canadian pharmacies based on various factors. For example, they check whether the pharmacy is engaged in deceptive business practices or they are running an honest and transparent business in a legit way. Also, CIPA checks if the drug quality of the pharmacy is up to the mark or they are substandard. Other parameters include – whether a prescription is required to dispense the medicines, are the contact details of the pharmacy accurately mentioned, and much more too. Once these factors are satisfied, the approvals are provided to a drugstore.


So, you can now understand the importance of CIPA approval for Canadian pharmacies. Thus, please make sure to check whether a pharmacy is CIPA approved or not before buying any medicines from them. You can easily check it through the homepage of CIPA. You are required to enter the pharmacy website URL to get the results.

Type of Medications

In most of the cases, it has been found that the rogue pharmacies deal with men’s health-related medications. So, if you are quite suspicious about a pharmacy and you are wondering whether it’s safe or not, then please check once about the type of drugs they offer. Ideally, a drugstore should offer a wide variety of medicines across various categories. It should not be restricted to men’s health or women’s health-related products. According to a reliable source, the list of most common prescription medications for the US is shown here.

prescription meds

Looking for safe pharmacies? If yes, then have a look at the pharm store reviews 2019.

being a safe pharmacy

Investigate About the Business Contact Details

A safe, reliable, and trust-worthy Canadian pharmacy should never shy away from sharing their business contact details.


To be more precise, they should not ever attempt to hide or mask their business details. However, if it’s a rogue pharmacy, then the drugstore will either hide their key business details or they won’t share the necessary information publicly. In some cases, the drugstores even try to fake their identities by using a proxy service. Hence, please be alerted of such Canadian drugstores that are intentionally hiding the important business details. The business contact details typically contain the following details:

business info
  • Owner name
  • Organization name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Country of origin

You can easily find the business contact details on the homepage of a pharmacy website or through ScamAdviser. If no details about their business contact are properly mentioned it’s possible that this drugstore is most probably a fraud and they have purposely hidden their business identity.


You have found three ways to validate whether a Canadian drugstore is trustworthy or not. To have a quick glimpse of the above-mentioned information, please check the following sections.


With this, you have revealed three ways to validate if a Canadian pharmacy is safe or not. To know more details about the drugstores and their reviews, please take a look at our pharm store reviews 2019.

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