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main page is a Canadian firm that operates one of the largest networks of medical centers and pharmacies in the country. They aim to provide comprehensive medical services to the patients who walk through their doors. For that reason, they will fill prescriptions, offer medical tools like stair lifts and elevators, and even avail screening services.

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Date of Registry2000-10-31
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Drugstore NameLawtons Drugs
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the Database
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Free Number+1-888-944-0442
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Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
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E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Details

This website was created on the 31st of October 2000. They have been around for almost two decades which says something about the quality of their services. Any business that can maintain the loyalty and interest of its consumers for so long is probably availing products and services of a significantly elevated quality. The company opened doors at a time when internet pharmacies were only starting to gain traction and it continued to maintain its visibility even after the internet pharmacy boom happened. Nothing about its online activities suggests that they are going anywhere anytime soon.


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This portal shares its server with over thirty other websites. ScamAdviser has assigned them a trust rating of 93% which means that, as far as ScamAdviser is concerned, they pose absolutely no threat.


Business Profile

Before this firm became a website, it was just a small pharmacy. It always shocks most people to learn that they actually started operating in 1907 in Newfoundland. That means they have actually spent a century plying their trade. Back then, all they did was sell medicine. Over time, they evolved, first strengthening their pharmaceutical wing and then dipping their toes into healthcare, beauty, giftware and so much more. Today, the medical business has over seventy locations in Atlantic Canada. You can find them in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, New Minas, Tantallon and dozens of other places. You can walk into any location to have your prescriptions filled. The firm employs a litany of healthcare professionals that will analyze your condition, scrutinize your medical history, and ensure that every drug you purchase is actually suitable for your health. They offer screenings for certain illnesses. This is on top of providing continuing care for people with long-term illnesses.


All in all, the people behind the scenes have taken a very comprehensive approach to resolve the medical complications of their patients. Rather than a traditional pharmacy, they identify as a holistic medical hub that employs nurses and personal care workers. People who would rather bypass their physical premises and even their website can also take advantage of their app through which one can fill new prescriptions, refill prescriptions, transfer prescriptions and acquire information about all the company’s branches in the area. In everything they do, the internet pharmacy aims to inject convenience into the lives of its consumers.

Regulatory Authorization

This website has no regulatory authority. They claim to operate out of Canada. But if that was true, they would have CIPA membership. CIPA monitors internet pharmacies in Canada. The fact that CIPA doesn’t know them suggests that they might be operating illegally. ScamAdviser seems to believe that the firm might actually originate from the United States. But LegitScript, a resource that keeps a close eye on medical portals in the US, also doesn’t know them. So clearly they have no legal authority to dispense prescription and nonprescription drugs.


Available Products

People browsing this website for medical merchandise can expect to find:

  • Elevators
  • Stairlifts
  • Beds
  • Support Surfaces
  • Mobility products

This is on top of ordinary prescription and nonprescription drugs. They also provide blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes screening, not to mention medication reviews and training.

Payments and Deliveries

The prices on this website are nothing special. You can get some drugs and mobility products at much friendlier prices if you can acquire coupons. But otherwise, the price tags won’t blow your mind. Little is known of the payment and delivery options on offer.


In fact, it is difficult to determine whether or not they actually delivery. The pharmacy has so many branches scattered all over Canada that they are probably within walking distance of most people that require their services. The wording of their policy suggests that they definitely accept credit cards. The policy also suggests that only a particular selection of their stores deliver and only to specific areas.


This website doesn’t have any reviews and testimonials on the web but it has a facebook page where you can find different comments.



Most websites wouldn’t fare well in terms of reputation if they had no reviews and testimonials and they even lacked the most basic online regulatory accreditation. However, this site still earns a high trust rating because it has a solid ScamAdviser rating and a vast collection of physical premises.

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