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pharmacy interface is good choice if one needs genuine medicines at affordable prices. It is an American internet pharmacy that sells medicines at a cheaper rate by negotiating.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2011-02-03
Main Details
Drugstore NameBlink Health
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptCertified Status
Contact Info
Free Number1-844-366-2211
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Company Information is serving customers by providing medicines at affordable prices. As claimed by the site, it negotiates the prices with the licensed manufacturers and makes the medicines available at surprising rates. Because most of the online pharmacies are selling counterfeit drugs, it makes it difficult to rely on a pharmacy. It is important to know all the truths related to the pharmacy and then trust it if everything seems legit.

In the case of, everything is looking fine. It delivers the medicine at your doorstep. Customer can also purchase the product online and go to the nearby pharmacy to get your product. The best thing is that people can purchase the medicines from the Blink Health Rx app which is available on the play store. This review will tell you more.

Domain Info

As we have seen, fake pharmacies are registered for less than 5 years. Sometimes, it will be more but that’s rare.

work for 7 years is registered seven years back on 3 February. The website was updated last year. It will expire after 7 years and 4 months if counted from today.

In comparison to the fake pharmacies, is different and it points out that it is a genuine medicines provider. The domain registrant detail is hidden but it is mentioned that the domain is owned by the Blink Health LLC.

Business Profile is running its business with the same domain name. Many companies register the domain that matches with their company name. This is the reason why they are real ones.

Moreover, this site has a professional logo. It has a different website layout that doesn’t match with the fake pharmacies. It is featured on some of the popular blogs and news such as The New York Times, Forbes, CBS, Fox News and many more. No blog would like to feature a rogue pharmacy but it featured

a high trust rating

Now, only approval from the regulatory agency is left to confirm if it is a rogue pharmacy or not. Apart from all this, it has a high trust rating of 100%.

Approval from Regulatory Agencies

Pharmacies possessing approval from regulatory agencies are safe and reliable. They don’t provide counterfeit products to the customers. If is a legitimate pharmacy then it will have approval from regulatory bodies like LegitScript, Pharmacy Checker, and others.


One such regulatory body is LegitScript that describes the website as a certified one. It says that the site meets the verification standard. One thing that you should know is that is not a pharmacy.

It just acts as an intermediary between customers and licensed manufacturers. That’s why it is not necessary to have approval from any regulatory agency.

Available Products

More than 15,000 generic and branded medicines are available on this pharmacy that is sold at negotiated prices. Its claim to provide the medicines at the lowest possible price. It will not ask prescription but a valid prescription from a doctor is required so that it can give you the right medicine.

Lipitor< Zofor, etc.

If a customer finds a lower cost for the generic meds then match that price and then it refund the difference.

Payments and Deliveries

Customer can make the payment by using:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card

However, customers have to make a Blinkhealth account first.

It is offering home delivery of medicines through a nearby-certified pharmacy. Customers can also get medicine by reaching a nearby pharmacy.

Customer Reviews

When you will search the customer reviews related to an internet pharmacy then you may get but most of the time, you will fail when the pharmacy is the rogue one. It was quite easy to get customer reviews related to

a satisfied one

Customers have posted reviews on many sites and users can even find it on the testimonial page of the pharmacy. Yes, it has its testimonial page to ensure the trust of customers.


The collected data and facts indicate that the site is legit and safe. is ruling on customers for a long time. It has served them impressively. It cares about the customer’s health and satisfaction. This service can help you in saving plenty of money that you lose while purchasing expensive generic drugs.

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