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If you’re looking for a pharmacy that’ll take good care of your health by offering you premier quality drugs, the so-called shouldn’t be your choice. Based on the results of our intensive research and a lot more reasons, this pharmacy forms part of the FDA’s 97% of rogue pharmacies in one way or the other. Read through this review and get to learn why we term the drugstore as “rogue”.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2013-05-29
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanada Pharmacy Med Online
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number+1 855 427 77 80
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

At WhoIs, we met a clear record of this store’s domain name details. To begin with, it is captured that the name was registered for the first time on 29-05-2013. This means 6 years of experience for the pharmacy and should also mean that it offers better services. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Among the records is also details about the host of the domain name. Hosting Concepts B.V Openprovider is one of the notorious hosts often warned by the FDA. It is known for accepting domain names with fraudulent business intentions. Such a profile also has an impact on this pharmacy’s profile.


Web Platform

A safe website guarantees security for both your device and bank details, leave alone your personal profile details with the site. This pharmacy’s website offers such security only at the checkout stage, leaving all the other web pages exposed to all types of online trespassers. This is dangerous. Otherwise, the platform is arranged such that you can easily access what you’re looking for. For example, drug categories are arranged alphabetically to alleviate difficulties during searching for your preferred one.

Business Profile

Here, we look at the reputation of the company that owns the business and more. We found out that the company’s name itself is kept out of view for customers. Such a deed is common to pharmacies in the “fraudulent types” docket. The location of either the store or its website is also not made clear. However, from our intensive researches, we determined that this business could be operated from the Czech Republic. ScamAdviser has the same, but only gives it a possibility of 5% with a 95% chance of the pharmacy’s location being unknown.



Some good number of drug categories are listed on the website. The pharmacy claims to stock drugs under each of the categories. However, all the drugs available are generic forms. Just to highlight a few, here are some of the categories:

  • Anti-Acidity
  • Pain Relief
  • Skincare
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Birth Control

Something to take note of is that this drugstore stocks more sexual health drugs as their bestseller drugs. Also, this is a pattern in most of the rogue stores. Lastly, there’s no drug sold by the drugstore that’s approved by the FDA for quality. We didn’t expect such low-quality medications to be priced as high as they are at this pharmacy.

Regulatory Approvals

A check across all the popular regulatory bodies in Europe, the Americas and rest of the world revealed that this drugstore indeed operates behind the law. Take a look below:

  • CIPA doesn’t have it in its database
  • LegitScript labels it as rogue
  • ScamAdviser concludes that it’s got a low trust rating and awards it 0%

Payment and Delivery

Many credit cards are accepted for payments like:

  • Visa and Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club and JCB

All payments are made to save time due to the fact that the payment page loads quite fast. The page is also safe for browsing.

Shipping means are only two:

Airmail. For those who have a tracking ID, the ETA is between 10-21 days. For those who don’t, it’s 21-28 days. You can decide to get a tracking number for your order or not.

EMS. The order comes with a tracking number already. The ETA is strictly 10 days.

Contact Details

There’s a contact number to reach the store from the US (+1 855 427 77 80) and another one to reach them from the EU (+44 289 454 8771). Also, there’s a contact form for reaching them via email. While these are ostensibly a good number of contact selections, response from all of them is poor.


Customer Reviews

You won’t find any feedbacks left behind by past customers on the pharmacy’s website. While it is possible that there could be none to display, there’s a possibility that the pharmacy has hidden some to conceal a hideous reputation that they can impart to the pharmacy due to their negative nature. There aren’t any reviews for the pharmacy on neutral sites, too.

no reviews


There are a lot of pharmacies in the online field, but most are rogue. Without doing proper research, you may land on one and use its poor services then regret later. Doing research as this saves. We notice that is just but another rogue drugstore that doesn’t even deserve your attention. The conclusion is backed by evidence.

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  1. Thankyou! I almost spent $480 for my isotretinoin (accutane) prescription on this website. I’m glad i did some research first.


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