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From the title, you can now understand is a complete fraud and unsafe online pharmacy. The platform has multiple offers for you, such as free shipping, money back guarantee, loyalty points, no prescription requirement, and much more too. However, you can’t definitely rely on this internet drugstore.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2016-07-13
CountryUS, Seychelles
Main Details
Drugstore NameWorld Pharm 365
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

This fraud online drugstore is running their business for the last three years. According to the information that we have obtained via WhoIs, the domain registration date belongs to the year 2016. Well, the domain registration date is mentioned as 2016-07-13. We have found that the domain will be expired by 2019-07-13. The domain registrant contact details are also mentioned on the website of For example, the domain registrant contact name is Digital Gateway Networks A.S.


The address and contact details for the domain owner aren’t properly mentioned. The state and country name are given as SC. Apart from that, the email id is also provided for the domain owner. For the administrative contact and technical contact, only the email address is provided. Here’re the key details given:

  • The domain registration date is 2016-07-13
  • It’s operating from 2016
  • The domain registrant name is Digital Gateway Networks A.S
  • The address details of the domain registrant name are not given

Business Profile

The business profile of this online pharmacy looks safe and trusted, as per ScamAdviser. The trust score of this pharmacy is 93%. Though all of these details look ok, you can’t really rely on this platform.


That’s because – the domain info of this internet pharmacy is not trustworthy and the platform has provided many fake details for their domain information. Likewise, they have not provided much valid information about their business profile. They have mentioned about their organization name which is Digital Gateway Networks A.S. However, the owner name and contact details are not provided at all. The owner, address, postal code, phone number, and city name are redacted for privacy. The country name is given as SC. There are two possible likelihoods for the country of the business owner, such as the United States and Seychelles.

Regulatory Approvals

All unapproved online pharmacies fail to obtain regulatory approvals. Possibly because – they fail to maintain the drug quality and they do not follow the regulatory standards too. Similarly, we have found that this unreliable and unsafe online drugstore has failed to obtain the approvals as they have been rejected and marked as a scam by LegitScript. LegitScript has not only rejected their application of being a certified pharmacy but also they have marked this site as a rogue. Hence, quite obviously, it won’t be a wise and smart decision if you purchase any medicine from this online drugstore platform. Additionally, our review has also found out that this website is not approved by CIPA too. Based on these findings, we can claim that you can’t trust this drugstore.


Products and Pricing

If you want to know what are the types of medicines that you can purchase from this website, then please check this section. We have found details about their medications from their website homepage. We have found that the platform deals with male enhancement products which most of the rogue pharmacies oftentimes sell. Other product categories include antianxiety, antibiotics, ADHD, skin care, pain relief, weight loss, women’s health, and many more too. These medicines are moderately priced which is at par with the standard market rate.


Payment and Shipping

There are several types of payment methods that the platform supports. For example, the platform supports Bitcoin payments, Visa, MasterCard, and Wire transfer. There are two shipping methods too – Free Shipping and Express Shipping. Note the platform offers free shipping on all orders worldwide. For free shipping, it takes 5-12 working days to deliver an order. For express shipping, it takes 15-25 working days to deliver an order.



On TrustPilot, we have found some reviews of this drugstore are posted. The customer reviews have mixed opinion. Some of the customers have provided positive feedback. Whereas, some of the real-time customers have shared negative feedback too.

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Conclusion isn’t a reliable and legit online drugstore. We have defined it as a low-rated online pharmacy.

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