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common view is a drugstore which promises exceptional customer support and top quality pills. They claim to offer a safe and reliable pharmacy service. We check out what they offer to find out if you should give them your consideration for your next online medical order.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2004-07-18
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanada Prescriptions Plus
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptUnapproved status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-866-779-7587
Contact Form
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

The domain name records for any website can be revealing and often show if there are going to be concerned with a pharmacy. We can see from these records that the pharmacy has been in business since 2004 which is a good sign. Unreliable pharmacies tend not to have been in business for anything like this long.

registered in 2004

Not everything is perfect within the records, however, the owner of the store has chosen to use domain privacy to make sure that their information can’t be seen in the records. This is frequently something that is associated with pharmacies that aren’t safe, so this is a concern.

Business Profile

This pharmacy provides a business address where you can send mail. The address they provide is in Canada as might be expected given the domain name they are using.

used for other pharmacies

Checking on this British Columbia address does find an issue, however.

They aren’t the only business listed at this address, in fact, they aren’t even the only pharmacy listed.

It turns out that this is the address for a UPS Store and this pharmacy is using a mailbox address.

The pharmacy doesn’t give any information about the business behind this store or where they are based. This means that we don’t really know who operates the store and we can’t even be certain that they are located in Canada.

Related Pharmacies

As we have previously shown, there are a couple of other pharmacies which are using the same PO box address. These other stores operate in the same way as Canada Prescriptions Plus and are likely to be owned by the same business.

Regulatory Approvals

This pharmacy provides some regulatory seals on their store’s pages. This should provide some oversight and means that they are following some standards to ensure safe medical dispensing. They have seals from CIPA, IPABC and Pharmacy Checker on their home page.

Checking with CIPA, we can see that this claim of regulation is genuine and they are valid members of the association.

an active member

Even though the regulation which is claimed by this pharmacy is genuine, LegitScript have their doubts about the store. They only give the pharmacy an unapproved status, which shows they aren’t meeting the requirements to become approved by the organization. This could highlight some problems with this pharmacy.


Medications Available

A wide selection of drugs is offered on the site. They provide generic along with brand name treatments and their prices are higher than many online stores.

Despite this appearing to be a Canadian pharmacy, not all of the drugs are actually dispensed in Canada. They also use fulfillment centers located in a number of countries around the world.


Other countries include the US, the UK, New Zealand, Mauritius, Turkey, Singapore and India. This will lead to customers frequently getting longer delivery times than they may have expected. It could also mean that there is a greater risk of dangerous fake pills entering the supply chain. This could lead to serious consequences for customers of this store. We don’t have any evidence that this has happened, however, but it is a potential risk.

Prescription Requirements

You will need to have a genuine prescription from your doctor to order the treatments you want from this store. This is a good sign of a legit pharmacy which is operating in the correct manner.

Payment Methods

The pages on the store are secure and they allow you to pay through the following means:

  • Personal check
  • Bank certified checks
  • Money orders
  • E-checks


The store charges a flat fee of $9.95 per order. They only sell pills to the US and Canada with delivery times of a couple of weeks expected. Reviews

There are a few reviews found on their Google listing. There are only 6 customer testimonials and they appear to be genuine. An overall score from customers is only a very average: 2.8 out of five.


Some customers have had issues with the speed of service from the pharmacy, though others have been very happy.


This pharmacy is doing many things right. They operate within the rules of regulation and are providing a legit service to some customers. There are some transparency issues with the store and the prices aren’t the most competitive we see online.

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